joey to the world

May 21, 2008

A rough little sketch, inspired by my chubby… (I mean, big boned) black kitty, Joey.

When puttering around the house, I choose my steps carefully and move around gingerly, because stepping on a tail or little black paw, is a very real danger. As well as tripping over this immovable mass of cat and breaking my fool neck.

As I perform my morning ritual of face washing, teeth brushing, etc., my movement is often severely hampered by Joey, wrapped lovingly around my feet. While I wash the dishes and make salads for Tom and I to bring to work, there he is, once again, at my feet, this time rolling around on his back, attempting to allure me into scratching his ample belly.

Walking around the outside world, sans the furry, black shackle, can often feel like a shock to my system. But honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Joey is my best buddy and besides, walking around freely is so overrated.

18 Responses to “joey to the world”

  1. valgalart Says:

    teehee, they are the greatest joy! your words and art always capture the essence and best parts of life and laughing!

  2. Jess Says:

    Haha so funny! I wish there had been a big fat cat on MY scales all this time!

  3. tombarrett Says:

    Big boned? Do cats really worry about their weight!? 😀

    One of my favorite things about our male cat is upon my return trip from the mailbox, he sees me coming and as I get about 10 feet away, he flops on his back and rolls, begging to be petted. Now if I could just train them to potty in the neighbor’s yard!! 😀

  4. Bobo's slave Says:

    This is a funny and charming sketch as always.

    Bobo never do this to me, she doesn’t love me that much. She act like a queen most of the time, and attack me from the back if I don’t get her what she wants! T.T

    Heehee, I like your despairing look. I can never say enought how much I love your fun, witty and joyful writing.

  5. Tammie Says:

    This sketch has me giggling out loud. I love it. I also love reading about your life with Joey and walking freely being over rated. You are a lovely story teller!

  6. Megan Says:

    Haha i love it! Thanks for making me laugh! Great job 🙂

  7. artseafartsea Says:

    As usual u r a laff riot. Joey is so cute and u r so skinny.

  8. Pickledog Says:

    Hehe.. “ample belly.” Cartoon Joey is so cute and chubby, and sounds like he’s a big helper around the house like my cat.

  9. VisualKaos Says:

    That is one large kitty indeed. If you need further proof …

  10. Mary Says:

    I wish that I could blame my weight gain on my cats, but I’d have to blame all three of them and I don’t think we could all get on the scale 🙂 I identify with the words you wrote!….Mouse loves to park herself in the hallway between all the adjacent doorways so that you can’t possibly get by without almost falling over her or stepping on her. She also hides on the stairs….waiting to trip you…or claw you. The worst is when she lies behind my rolling chair in the quilting room…sigh.

  11. gina Says:

    gimme gimme gimme Joey! My mom cats always skinny! Maybe the heat in here make the fat go away heehehe..

  12. Kate Says:

    He heehee…my dog does the same sort of thing….always has to lie down or stand where I am about to walk. She is just short enough that she is often out of my line of vision…but 30 lbs of blunt mass. Some day she will kill us both.

  13. chickengirl Says:

    Looks like a scene I am having over here, except no cat on the scale. Its all me unfortunately!! 😛

  14. velvet Says:

    haa! this is so cute! i’ll add a link to my worry illo for this as i worry about it as well.. hehe..

  15. studio lolo Says:

    Joey-Woey….get moving and get that pesky Snatchkee!!!

    I do love me a BIG cat 😉

  16. velvet Says:

    hi again. i gathered up some links and added this post to my [list of worries].

  17. Faruffa Says:

    Oh lovely little chubby Joey!!!
    I am very fond of Joey, it seems to me to know him so well.

  18. froggie Says:

    i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve this. i so seriously dig her hair. that’s curl…and i have some serious curl envy. give that kitty some carrots. (do they eat them?)

    eesh, i wanna draw like you when i get bigger. :)))

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