fretopus (worry monster)

May 25, 2008

This is getting a little ridiculous, I mean, what with snatchkees in mayonaise jars and sneezles locked in the bathroom… you’d think I had enough to contend with.

Apparently not.

Earlier today, after having worked out at the gym and in need of some hydration, I lifted a cool refreshing glass of water to my lips. As I absentmindedly glanced into the glass, in mid gulp, I witnessed a flash of tentacle as a fretopus left the glass and back-stroked it’s way into my mouth. I coughed and sputtered and tried desperately to dislodge the worrisome creature from my throat, but no dice. He was in.

So, now, here I sit, and I worry. I worry about the price of gas, the war in Iraq, who’ll be our next president, falling airliner debris, coming down with a brain tumor, whether or not I have bad breath, was that mole there yesterday, if I left the iron on, what’s for dinner, what’s he looking at, whether or not I worry too much and how will Sonny Corinthos be able to stay out of the mob (even though I don’t watch General Hospital, I swear,) and does my butt look fat in these jeans?

You know, pretty much, an average day.


The theme for this week’s Illustration Friday is “Worry.”

26 Responses to “fretopus (worry monster)”

  1. Bee Says:

    Such a fan of your wonderful drawings and fantastic creature characters. This one is great, you’ve managed to capture a real expression of worry in his one eye!

  2. Faruffa Says:

    Don’t worry, everything is ok … it’s the same for me: just a bit of seasonal anxiety!!!
    Ciao Vitti

  3. such an expressive little monster – should we all be so lucky to have these critters roaming around our brains, thanks for sharing with us your brain crew of characters.

  4. Mary Says:

    Another little monster too cute for the trouble he causes us 🙂 The only cure I know for this one is faith and hope taken in equal doses…better than alcohol and tranquilizers! Maybe he’ll choke on his only little tentacle!

  5. This is simply adorable!

  6. eli Says:

    I’m enjoying the monsters, they’ve all been imaginative and expressive, very cool!

  7. ~mkp~ Says:

    Your line drawing is very expressive. I always wondered what I swallowed—now I know.

  8. Vhrsti Says:

    This is soooo funny character! Great job!

  9. Lockjaw Says:

    great character.

  10. You sure are having monster problems! I’d call an exterminator, I mean geez louieez I’m worried for you!
    If things get too crazy… promise you’ll call for help!! LOL! You funny chicka!
    I love your work!!

  11. artseafartsea Says:

    Very cute. Thought you were sounding a little more anxious lately.. Now I know why.

  12. monniemoon Says:

    You do not look fat in those jeans. You look great to me! (lol)

  13. Nancy Lefko Says:

    oh my gosh…we must be twins separated at birth, because you just described me…except I DO watch GH 🙂 Great illo as always !!

  14. emily Says:

    hihi! you kill me! It’s enough to make you pull your tenticles out!

  15. studio lolo Says:

    Get out of my head!! Really, I was saying “ditto” to most of your worries. Esp the butt one. Yikes.

  16. AaronP Says:

    Whilst the page was loading, I was expecting to see a guitar playing cat…. Great drawing Linda.
    All the best, Aaron.

  17. neil Says:

    Fabulous stuff sketched! The very embodiment of deep sea anxiety. well done indeed.

  18. tombarrett Says:

    You know… I find these guys get bored real easy, especially when I haven’t watched the news in a long time. And I discovered that two other creatures, the complainilopigus and the aggrivatopus don’t seem to affect me much either when I have had minimal news cast exposure. 🙂

    Great sketch, Linda. Such an imagination!

  19. Heeee… heee… oh don’t worry Linda you’ll be fine I’m sure.
    Love how he is pulling his… whatever those things are… :o)

  20. sketched out Says:

    Thanks everyone, for stopping by and dropping me a line! Always makes my day.

    Bee, thank you, so nice of you to say.

    Faruffa, thanks for the reassurance! I could do with some seasonal laissez-faire however, hee hee.

    Thanks Jan Joann, Mary, Marcy, Eli, mkp, Vhrsti and Lockjaw!

    Roberta, with all these monsters, I just may require professional help, other than an exterminator, hee hee.

    Artsea, yes, knowing the reason is half the battle, right?

    Monniemoon, Why thank you very much, nice of you to say (o;

    Nancy, that’s so funny… and, don’t tell anyone, but I used to watch GH when I was freelancing and still keep up on it online, hee hee.

    Laurel, you know what I’m sayin’?

    Aaron, Hee hee, that’s a good one! … and thanks!

    Thanks Neil. Yes very deep sea and deep seeded anxiety!

    Tom, good advice! Dr. Weil suggests taking news fasts once a week for good mental health, although he never mentioned it as a cure for fretopusitis. I should write him about it.

    Alicia, thanks, and I believe those things he’s pulling are called fretennae.

  21. eric barclay Says:

    Thank goodness it wasn’t the fretopus gigantus. They’re not nearly as cute. Awesome character!

  22. Angela Says:

    After getting a good look at this guy I can see how he could make a person’s stomach feel tied in knots with worry. I must swallow a lot of these guys.

    That one tooth, and how he’s chewing on his tentacle is pretty darn cute though. (Oops!, spell check almost had me saying ‘testicle’, boy, that would have been embarrassing.:/)

  23. Kate Says:

    You know this only proves how normal you are!

  24. chickengirl Says:

    So expressive, great body language and gestures on the lil’ guy. So funny too!

  25. Bobo's slave Says:

    My brother-in-law might have one too! He always pull his hair if he’s worry for something, 🙂

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