fidget monster

May 27, 2008

Perhaps it’s because I have a snatchkee in a jar, a sneezle locked in the bathroom, a fretopus lodged in my throat and a furballoid running amok somewhere in my house, that I am having trouble concentrating today. My inability to concentrate became especially acute at work, during the afternoon budget meeting. I was terribly distracted and could not sit still for a second. Like a small child in church, I twitched, squirmed and fidgeted, while my boss and co-workers eyed me suspiciously… and really, who could blame them? I must have looked foolish.

I would have continued to blame my fidgety affliction on the stress of last week’s, monster-related events, had I not seen with my own eyes the true culprit. While I jerked, writhed, fiddled and pretended to take down notes, I noticed from the corner of my eye, in the mirror hanging on the wall near my desk, the unsettling shape of a figetus squirmelis, bouncing like a spring, on top of my head.

Oddly, no one else seemed to notice the creature tormenting me, only the effects . So during a lull in the conversation, I seized the moment. Excusing myself from the meeting, I raced out the door and bounded down the stairs to the parking garage. I scrambled to my car, squirmelis in tow and clumsily opened the door. Somehow, I was able to flick the agitated fidget monster from my head and into the back seat and slammed the door.

“Hooo boy,” I thought to myself, “the drive home is going to be interesting. I hope figetus squirmelises like listening to NPR.”

11 Responses to “fidget monster”

  1. Vicki Says:

    He’s adorable!

  2. valgalart Says:

    3 eyes, 3 teeth, oh my! 🙂

  3. studio lolo Says:

    I was on the edge of my seat! And I’m jealous…you can BOUND down the stairs? I miss that zip!

    Cute lil’ guy btw 🙂

  4. tombarrett Says:

    I assume since you are keeping all these odd critters that either you’re a glutton for punishment, or you are planning to start your own side show in the circus this summer!

  5. AaronP Says:

    HAHAHAHAHA…. That’s sooooo funny Linda. You need to save all these critters up, pop em’ in a box and send them to the Whitehouse, let them run the show!
    Great drawing as always
    Take care, Aaron.

  6. Mary Says:

    Still laughing! They must breed in offices and schools 🙂 I hope you blasted his ears off with NPR.

  7. Ratlion Says:

    ‘Figetus squirmelises’!
    So that’s what they’re called! I’ve been plagued by them creatures before! yes, I have! Usually after lunch at work and oooh, way back in college, during those dreaded finance lectures! Horrible, horrible creatures! Incredibly cute, but horrid all the same!
    Genius illustration!
    Ok, I shall stop talking in exclamation points now.

  8. artseafartsea Says:

    Too funny. LOL.

  9. Velvet Says:

    ohh lol this is too fun!! how do you come up with these weird and cute and cuddly creatures! 8D

  10. christy Says:

    Sounds like something from Harry Potter!!! LOL
    Very funny!

  11. froggie Says:

    npr in the car…AHH-HA! (i TOTALLY called that one!) this lil dude has been hanging out here too but i kind dig him. he eats those icky weird little mini corns in my szechwan beef bowl and seems to like listening to podcasts of the “car talk guys” with me. goood company! can he make dirty martinis?

    this is wonderful…so spontaneous looking. so silly. so you.

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