what a big baby!

June 3, 2008


A monster with horns
as prickly as thorns,
delighted in causing folks dread.

But he shuddered with fright,
at the thought that there might
be a kid hiding under his bed.


So I seem to be on this monster kick and since I opted to have a pleasant dining experience with my sweetie tonight, instead of drawing (and instead of going to the gym… oh the horror), I dusted of this little chestnut from last year and re-posted it.

All is fair in love, war and blogging, right?


25 Responses to “what a big baby!”

  1. Faruffa Says:

    Oh! Linda this is so cute, it encourages all the kids who are afraid of the dark and monsters !!!
    …I like to think that even the monsters have slippers with rabbits …

  2. Nancy Lefko Says:

    Absolutely….all is fair…and this gem deserves a replay….it’s a classic!! I love their faces….you never fail to delight me.

  3. Mary Says:

    I’m glad you reposted since I didn’t see it last year. Great turn-around story twist and that little boy looks very mischievous….poor monster 🙂

  4. Katherine Says:

    That’s a great complement coming from you, great illustrations on your entire site.

  5. Linda Says:

    Great illustration! Hope you’ve sent this one out for publishing (story-wise & illustration-wise). Enjoy your site.

  6. froggie Says:

    OH MY FRAKKING FLYING MONKEY GODS! THAT monster is the BOMB, sketchie! i’m sooooo geeking out over how your brain works..every lil bump, horny extendibles (now you just RUN with THAT one, sketchie!) this is so fantastic. each morning before i get started, i re-read shel, watterson, and then i pop in here…for ADDITIONAL inspiration and a chuckle. :DDD see me gushing from there, sketchie? xoxo

  7. So cute. Love the twist.

  8. Alls fair indeed! Sweet little chestnut!
    It’s clever and impishly adorable Linda!!

    And who could resist dinner with a handsome gentleman!;)

  9. Arbogast Says:

    Never apologize for having monsters on the brain… they bring out the kid in each of us. I stumbled upon this blog on an image search that brought up your vampire snarl from last Halloween… gorgeous!

  10. Ratlion Says:

    All is fair, absolutely!

    The colouring is so spot on in this one! And how do you always get your rhymes so perfectly right?!



  11. conniemartin Says:

    I love the way you’ve turned the idea on its head.

  12. Ryan Loghry Says:

    Wow, that’s an awesome illustration. Nice lighting effect, and I like the bunny slippers too.

  13. Alina Says:

    This is BRILLIANT!! Great storytelling too!

  14. cata Says:

    I love the light effect and the characteres are awesome!

  15. i love this, very much.

  16. valgalart Says:

    yer darn tootin! I love the bed and the monster and the kid and the colours and your other monsters and well, you are just swell!

  17. AaronP Says:

    All the best as usual….Aaron.

  18. chickengirl Says:

    Once again I am going to say: you must submit your stories+illos to publishers and get a book deal!!! For reals!!!!

  19. artseafartsea Says:

    Yeah the book! Great fun on the blog. But the book eh??

  20. Pinot Says:

    Wow! Great illo and drama!

  21. Stephanie Says:

    Awesome bit of role-reversal here! (And on top of what everyone else has said, those rough watercolor edges really frame it nicely.)

    I’ve been guilty of pulling a few off the shelf lately too, but I’m really glad you shared this one!

  22. kay aker Says:

    Scary, yet cute!

  23. studio lolo Says:

    You could post the same thing every day and no one would tire of it! It’s that magical charm in your work. When ya got it, ya got it!!

  24. emily Says:

    hihi..sigh…well written, and drawn of course!

  25. Kate Says:


    PS love the corgi pics.

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