June 4, 2008

Complain, complain, complain. Always with the complaining, they are!

Have you suddenly become a great big downer? Are you haranguing everyone you meet with a list of complaints, like never before? Do people walk the other way when they see you coming? Chances are a kvetchelug has recently slipped into and has taken up residence in your ear.

A few drops of warm olive oil placed into the affected orifice, should send the kvethelug packing. He’ll begin to back out slowly. Once this happens and his little pincer tail is visible, get a hold of the tail with a tweezers and pull gently but firmly. You’ll feel him resist by wriggling about. Don’t let this deter you. Continue pulling. Soon you will have a kvetchelug, bitching and moaning, in the palm of your hand. For this reason and to protect you from his returning to the sanctuary of your ear, it is suggested that you promptly insert ear plugs.

Once the ear plugs are placed and you can no longer hear what the little bugger is muttering about, the kvetchelug actually makes quite a good pet.