June 10, 2008

Had I not forgotten to lock the front door last night, I wouldn’t be sitting here, languishing in the less-than-comfortable, belly of a queazinartle.

But I did and I am.

Luckily for me, queazinartles seldom, if ever, mean any harm to humans. Apparently, it’s insatiable appetite, coupled with an acute nearsightedness, caused the confused beast to mistake me for Kraft Mac and Cheese, (a queazinartle delicacy,) and devour me whole.

This whole misunderstanding should… er, um… pass… in about 7 days, (things “move” slowly in the queazinartle bowl realm.)

Unfortunately, all this puts a damper on my blogging for the week. But I assure you, I will gather up sketchbook with pencil, at the very first opportunity, next week, and be back in the saddle in no time at all.

In the mean time, please, please, do not forget to lock your front door. If nothing else, misfortunes like these are almost worth it, if others can learn from them.

Thank you, and see you next week!


27 Responses to “forgotten”

  1. Wow,so so funny!lovely!

  2. Krisztina Says:

    it’s very clever. i will not forget to lock my frontdoor… (however i like this monster)

  3. Mary Says:

    Very funny! Love the toenail polish. Good thing you have your computer and some matches in there 🙂 Maybe if you tickle him a bit he might upchuck…..a little less messy than the other method of exit.

  4. Boy.. oh boy.. oh boy… this is sooo good Linda!!!
    Love it! The idea is super wonderful and creative. The way you illustrated this is perfect and I know it is not easy at all! And that monster it’s adorable, even after what he did :o)

    Awesome work!!

  5. Faruffa Says:

    Oh Linda this is so fun, and your monsters are tremendously adorables.
    Have a nice week!!!

  6. emily Says:

    pepto in hand… the question becomes, do you look good in pink?
    nice take on forgotten!

  7. Eric Barclay Says:

    Whatever you do, don’t light a match.

    This is so freakin’ awesome. This is my favorite submission for this week’s topic… Love your work.

  8. Nancy Lefko Says:

    Pepto Bismol??? Apparently you do not agree with the queazinartle !!

    That’s why I installed ADT !!! I knew there was a good reason…

    Thanks for my daily chuckle !! LOL

  9. artseafartsea Says:

    U r crazy as a loon. Funny tho. Good way to get out of doing the blog. He he he.

  10. Heather Says:

    What a great story and darling illustration. I guess sometimes we need to leave ourselves “open” to misadventure.

  11. Bobo's slave Says:

    You’re amazing Linda, with your unlimited sense of humor. What’s up next, the toiler monster?

  12. Kate Says:

    I think you gave this poor guy a horrible case of heartburn! Tonite I’m double bolting my door!

  13. A couple of thoughts my dear…
    1. Why were you mistaken for mac-n-cheese?
    2. Those will be some interesting internal sketches!
    3. Do wash before getting back in the saddle!! lol!

    Seriously, you know how much I enjoy your work!
    Have a good week Linda!

  14. Puddlebee Says:

    fantastic! love your creative take on the topic…

    ~ jane

  15. Crystal Says:

    Great story, love your lines! At least he didn’t really mean you any harm! Maybe you can share a bowl of Mac and Cheese when things pass…..

  16. Debra Cooper Says:

    This is quite hilarious! Fantastic illustration and story. Looking forward to next weeks story. Pleasant travels.

  17. kim buchheit Says:

    oh, linda, i am totally in love with all your monsters! what an incredible imagination you have… and such talent! your illos are all so darn smart! especially love the “electricity” illo… fine fine fine stuff 🙂

  18. Love, love LoVe LOve loVE

  19. Linda, we will miss you!
    However will you survive without your decaf???


  20. vandyke Says:

    Lovely character and very funny. Great!

  21. Jess Says:

    Fan bloody tastic!!!!!x

  22. studio lolo Says:

    A weeeeeeek without youuuuuuuuu???????
    Big giant WAAAAAAHHHHH!

    Your Queasenartle’s head-thingy reminds me of those guys that have meetings and wear a Fez. Who are they? You know who I mean right?

    Happy vacation/hiatus…whatever! I’ll miss you 🙂

  23. kathyhare Says:

    beautiful illustration and a brilliant interpretation..

  24. Pickledog Says:

    Oh my! He could at least swallow a pencil and your sketch book for you to pass the time.

    Fantastic drawing, and creature creation! Now all he needs is a pair of glasses, and a bowl of kraft dinner. : )

  25. chickengirl Says:

    hahaah! You are TOO FUNNY!
    I love how both your sketches and writings go very well together. Always an amusing time visiting here.

  26. tusen Says:

    Linda, this is hilarious 🙂 I love your illustrations and the combination of the sketches and the stories is even better.

  27. gina Says:

    woooo… this is eeriee.. remind me of the creature in “pan’s labyrinth’ movie.. *_*

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