punch line

June 16, 2008

Not only had Morris’ insatiable thirst for punch caused a long line at the Moose Lodge Family Dinner, but he also began to get the sinking feeling, he might have misunderstood the whole “being invited” thing.

24 Responses to “punch line”

  1. Very funny. And great illo ! 🙂

  2. not bad, good take on the topic, I love your moose.

  3. Christina Says:

    hehe great sketch

  4. PauloSilva Says:

    very nice illo, good work!!!

  5. neil Says:

    Hi LInda

    I am in considerable awe of your skills, you are very, very good dammit! (…and a great sense of humour too! sigh!)

  6. Mary Says:

    That’s great! I needed a laugh, and you provided it 🙂 Poor Morris….the look on his face is great.

  7. Laura Marsh Says:

    AWESOME! Is it a pun? Is it a double entendre? I think it’s BOTH and it is WONDERFUL!

  8. What’s a thirsty moose supposed to do?
    The looks on those faces!
    Glad you’re back in the swing of things chicka!

  9. Great illustration! And it givs a new meaning of the word punchline. Well hit!

  10. valgalart Says:

    This is hilarious! The perspective is great and i have felt this way before 🙂

  11. conniemartin Says:

    As always love your drawing style and this is a wonderful nearly surreal take on the thing. Cool.

  12. Jess Says:

    It’s official. You are a creative genius. This is the best IF entry I’ve seen, so funny!

  13. artseafartsea Says:

    LOL. Great as always.

  14. cbdoodle Says:

    Very Funny!! Love the face of the third guy in line.

  15. kathyhare Says:

    a beautifully drawn interpretation..

  16. studio lolo Says:

    I have this uncontrolable urge for a nice cold Moosewood right now. I can’t for the life of me figure out why.

    :)))))) You know you kill me, right?

  17. Vickie Says:


  18. froggie Says:


    that’s BRILLIANT. i’m wandering around at the back of the line and you really drew people back there, too! aweesome, sketchie!!!!

  19. tusen Says:

    This is great! The looks on their faces…

  20. Nancy Lefko Says:

    OK…I think this is the best for ‘punchline’ that I’ve seen…it is truly so ‘you.’ always gets a laugh from me…

    and your Sandra is great as well….

  21. Bobo's slave Says:

    Thanks for the laugh again, heeheehoohoohahaaaaa….

    The moose is killing me with his innocent look! I love the all the impatient faces too.

  22. Debra Cooper Says:

    Super fantastic concept. I just love that moose and his expression.

  23. Patrick Says:

    Very cute. Very awkward for the poor moose. Boy, have I ever been there. Really nice drawing style.

  24. Faruffa Says:

    eheheh great great joke!!!
    sei troppo forte Linda :o)

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