a day in the life

June 19, 2008

I’ve procrastinated long enough! My dear friends Alicia from My Place Over the Hill and Colleen from The Frog Blog both tagged me for the “Day in the Life” meme. It was great fun reading theirs. Now I hope I can live up to the challenge. This is what a typical week day is like for me. Join me, won’t you?

I not only set my clock 15 minutes ahead to “fool” myself, I also set the alarm for 5:30 so I can continuously hit the snooze, and again, “fool” myself that I’m cheating time somehow. The cacophony that ensues: Brrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaangggg, smack, @#%*! Brrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaangggg, smack, @#%*! goes on for about 30 minutes. Finally, however, there is one thing that finally gets my hiney out of bed. It comes in the form of a little black paw, batting gently at my nose, with just a hint of claw. Just a hint mind you. Right about this time, coming from a different direction, a furry white head starts butting the side of my chin and cheek, ever so insistently. So it’s the batting, the butting and eventual wet nose sniffing around my ear area that eventually wakes me up.

As my eyes slowly open, I begin to make out the blurry sight of yet a third kitty staring balefully into my eyes.

“Ok! I’m up already!” I stumble into the kitchen, tripping over three felines winding around my wobbly, morning legs. I fumble for the kibble container and pour. I end up pouring half the kibble on top of Spooky’s head, which is already conveniently located and sniffing around in his dish.

Shower, make lunches and smoothie for breakfast, wash a dish or two, get dressed, hate what I’m wearing, pick something else, pet kitties, check email, brush teeth, fluff hair, apply makeup, pack up car, get in car, where Tom is patiently (or at least putting on a good front) waiting for me. Aaaaaaand we’re off!

If I haven’t made coffee (the very essence of life itself) at home, we get into a bad habit of swinging by the drive-thru Starbucks, which is always a mini adventure and worth a blog in itself.

Commute an hour from Valencia to Woodland Hills. Listen to NPR or podcasts of “This American Life” or “Fresh Air.” Either that or we yammer longwindedly ( I think I made that word up) about politics and gossip like a couple of schoolgirls.

I work at a small boutique ad agency in Woodland Hills as a graphic designer, with four co-workers; my boss/owner, two other designers and an office manager. It’s like a tight-knit little family.

The work ranges from creative, fun and rewarding to “the client wants what? He wants the logo even bigger? You can already see it from outer space!” or “You have got to be kidding me! They want the 72 dpi photo, from their website, blown up to poster size?!”

(sigh) Hey, it’s a living.

My favorite time of the day! After eating a salad at my desk around noon, I take off at 2:30, for an hour break, and walk to one of the nearby coffee places (Starbucks or Coffee Bean, there are no cute independent places nearby, unfortunately.) I find a table tucked in the corner where I can get a good people-watching vantage point. I’m telling you, the Starbucks on Topanga and Ventura Blvd. is a fantastic place to people-watch… fantastic! This is where I either sketch out that evening’s post or I read, or maybe even journal, and, of course, caffeinate (I’m back to fully loaded again, btw.) It’s heavenly.

Work, blah blah blah, work.

6:30ish -7:30ish
Commute back to Valencia. This time, in a little bit more of a stupor. On the odd occasion, we might go grab a bite to eat, but mostly we….

7:30ish-8:30ish or 9ish
… arrive at the gym. After much whimpering I manage to get through a cardio workout, either on an elliptical or a treadmill. 30 minutes later, I slither off and sweatily plod past giggling teenyboppers and flexing body builders to get to some weight training. The torture ends after about another 30 minutes.

Thursday nights I have a standing date. I drive to Ventura, after work, to visit my mom, go out to dinner and spend the night. We then go have coffee together in the morning at a cool place called Palermo’s. It’s great hanging with Mame and getting a dose of wonderful sea air. She has a blog too, ArtseaFartsea.

9ish-11 or 12ish
Another one of my favorite times. Get home, grab a bite. Another salad, or maybe some yougurt and fruit, could even be some cereal. Don’t like to eat anything heavy at this time. I take my vittles and plop down in front of the computer and sketch or scan what I’ve sketched at lunch. Write a bit. If I have time I visit some of my friends in blogland. The kitties usually like to help me by strolling along the keyboard or parking themselves in front of the monitor.

Finally, pass out at the computer, revive long enough to crawl into bed. Spooky, the night-time kitty, assumes his position between Tom and I and starts pawing at our faces in an effort to receive pets, which he gets. If you let up on the petting, he resumes pawing. This goes on for some time, until sleep finally overtakes all three of us. Good night all!

Ok, now I have to tag someone. I’d really like to know what a typical day for…Laurel of Studio Lolo is like! So tag, you’re it Laurel!!


9 Responses to “a day in the life”

  1. studio lolo Says:

    LiiiiiiiinDA!!!! I think I’d bore everyone to tears with a day in my life. I’ll give it a go though. What the hell! I hope I’ll be able to get to it soon. Here’s hoping!

    Loved following you for a day! I’m so impressed that you fit in a workout that late. Whoa! Rub some of that onto me will ya?
    I can relate to the paw that doesn’t stop. Most of my sleep deprivation is cat-induced.
    Okay, I’m off to start my day. Guess I’d better bring a sketchbook 🙂

  2. Marty-Crouz Says:

    Je te remercie pour ton message ! Et je vois que j’ai la même manie avec le réveil matin : moi aussi je le règle sur 5:30 et je le frappe toutes les 7 minutes ! Mais je n’ai pas de chats, juste 2 énormes poissons chinois qui ne viennent pas me lever du lit ! En tout cas j’adore l’illustration principale.
    Thank you for your message ! And I can see that you and me we do the same thing about the clock ! It begin to ring at 5:30 and I “strike” it every 7 minutes ! But I don’t have cats to put me out of bed, I’ve got only two big Chinese fishes in an aquarium ! I love the first drawing with your cats.

  3. Liiinnndddaaa!!! What a day!! Loved reading this :o)

    Your kitties sound adorable, with kibble on their heads and all. I really like how you spend time with Tom, talking and gossiping. You two must look adorable together, I’m sure.

    So your back to your coffee!! Ha.. ha.. feels good doesn’t it?? ;o)

    And you find time and energy to work out at that time?/ My hats off to you girl! Good for you.

    Thanks for playing along and sharing this Linda!

  4. artseafartsea Says:

    Very interesting. Don’t know how u do it. Your spin on it is fun tho….

  5. Yep! You’re one interesting lady!
    I knew it!!! 🙂

  6. Nancy Lefko Says:

    whew !!! what a day ……

    I’d say you’d need caffeine to get through all that !!!!

  7. Bobo's slave Says:

    Heehee, your morning sounds familiar to me!

    Lovely sketches and interesting meme, I enjoy reading it so much!

  8. emily Says:

    oh yeah! for me it was the toes… when ever any were foolish enought to leave the safty of the blankets they pecame prey to mauling… with just a hint of claw…
    nice to hear about a day!

  9. studio lolo Says:

    Okay….aaaaaaaalll done! I’ll get you my pretty!


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