When Tom and I are goofing around and acting silly, he makes this funny face. He bares his teeth and pokes out his lower lip and… well, it’s hard to explain. Trust me, it’s hysterical… to me anyway. I call it the Super Hero face, because it reminds me of those retro cartoons, where the villain is all pointy and snidely and the hero has this impossibly, huge, toothy grin.

Aaaaaaanywho… it’s funny.

So, there I was, engaged in the exercise, thinking about Tom and the fact that it’s his birthday today and the above image emerged. I was having so much fun drawing it, I didn’t really worry about how technically correct the perspective was. That’s why it looks a bit out of whack… but it makes me giggle to look at it, so all is not lost! I was living in the sketching moment, if you will.

Whoo hooooo, it’s the 4th day of the exercise, it’s Friday and it’s Tom’s birthday! Life is good!