21 day creative exercise-day 15

July 9, 2008

Nothing challenging today, just the old tried and true bunny… marching in place, eating a carrot. Eating healthy and exercise have been on my mind a lot lately. So I must have been channeling all that, as I absent-mindedly sketched today.

8 Responses to “21 day creative exercise-day 15”

  1. pupu Says:

    heheahaha.. i love his nose. This is a cute bunny.

  2. artseafartsea Says:

    The look on his face say he is one tired bunny. Maybe u r too. Great sketch tho.

  3. Gaia Says:

    Can’t get enough of these bunnies… is he another getting ready for the Olympics? đŸ™‚
    I see he’s keeping in shape, I’m sure he’s exercising too… must be another of those backflip jumpers!

  4. Bee Says:

    I was going to write exactly the same as Gaia (and still will!) ‘Can’t get enough of these bunnies!’
    This one is just wonderful, his laid back pose and expression…priceless!

  5. Meg Says:

    Thanks for your comments, you’re a peach. đŸ™‚ So true about the dogs, gave my bike ride some extra oomph. ha!

    Love your bunny, really great character.

  6. aaronp Says:

    This is my most favourited bunny in da whole wide world!!! The look on his face here is astounding Linda!
    It should be entitled:

    ‘The Quandary’ or ‘Last Carrot til’ Home’.

    I love it.

  7. studio lolo Says:

    hee-hee! He really does look baffled, or bored with his routine. But he sure as hell is cute! I love that he’s walking in place. What exercise video is he watching? Oh…Jane Fonda Rabbits? !

  8. thats what i gotta do and soon too, love the expression on the face!

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