July 18, 2008

… oh… ahem… yes, hello! You might remember me, my name is Joey. I’ve been asked by my lazy lovely human to say a few words. Actually, I don’t know why she’s getting all this attention, when clearly it is I who deserves all of it.

But I digress.

Yeah, so she got all emotional today, about getting this Brillante award from some wonderful, talented, super-cool folks, and sent me out here to speak on her behalf about it. I told her I’d do it, even though I have the 12:30 dust bunny attack, 2:00 toilet water tasting going on, not to mention the daily locking of Spooky (my nemesis) in the closet (busy, busy, busy.)

She wanted me to give hugs, kisses and rub up against the legs of Alicia, Tom, Mônica, Erin, Jannie, and Kathy (last week). Thank you all soooo much!

I may spend most of my time napping, but I do know talent when I see it and these people have all that… and a bag of kibble! Plus all 6 of them are some of the nicest humans I’ve ever run across and they’re animal lovers… so, what’s not to like?

Although some of them like dogs… go figure.

Ok, thank you Joey. I can take it from here. I just want to say, to Kathy, Alicia, Tom, Mônica, Erin, Jannie, to everyone in the IF community and to those folks that found me by Googling “Hot Chicks” thanks for making this past year (it’ll be a year in Sept.) so gratifying, full of support, educational and just downright fun!

Here’s to another Brillante year!!


9 Responses to “Brillante!”

  1. Mary Says:

    Congratulations to you on your great blog, and to Joey for such a good job as spokes-kitty.

  2. Kelly Says:

    Hah, well I just nominated you on my blog too!

    Congrats 🙂

  3. aaronpocock Says:

    Very well deserved Linda.
    Keep up the great work!
    I’ll be hanging around for the next year.
    Take care, Aaron.

  4. artseafartsea Says:

    Congrats to u and Joey too.

  5. studio lolo Says:

    My cat Bliss is sooooo cross-eyed that she really does go up to everything and give it a tap tap with her foot just to make sure it isn’t a monster that snuck in! Hee hee! I love it when she jumps straight up for no reason at all, as if someone goosed her 😀
    You deserve this award and a gazillion more!

  6. Bobo's slave Says:

    Love Joey’s curious look! He indeed a competent spokeskitty!

    I think all our pets deserve an award as well for filling our life with joy and fun!

    Congratulations! You definitely deserve this award and many more!

  7. erin Says:

    Joey you are quite the muse, and amusing!

    Both you AND Linda, and all the others in the menagerie should take a well deserved bow, you are all sooooo talented!

  8. Faruffa Says:

    This is really BRILLANTE!!!

  9. kim Says:

    I’m glad you prettied this little log up with your illustration. Actually, your illustration should be the official award since the original one is not so cute 🙂

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