it’s hot…

July 22, 2008

…and sweat is causing me to smudge my sketches, sooooo… once again I am reposting an earlier drawing. This one reminds me that I need to break down and carry an umbrella with me when I walk at lunch, to protect me from the relentless sun. Of course, I should probably invest in one a tad larger.

Try to keep cool everyone!


12 Responses to “it’s hot…”

  1. Mary Says:

    That is adorable! Such a beautiful elephant and she certainly does need a little bit bigger umbrella. She must be self-confident enough about herself to not realize how large she is πŸ™‚ I like how her whole body is an umbrella for her little feet!

  2. Faruffa Says:

    Gorgeous and adorable, this makes my imagination fly!!!
    I imagine and animation where she flies behind her little umbrella …

  3. I bet she spends a fortune on sunscreen and wrinkle cream!!
    She is adorable!!!

  4. sketched out Says:

    Thanks guys! Glad you like my little ellie.

    Thanks Mary, Vittoria and Roberta and all the wonderful folks who stop by, for all your supportive and encouraging comments over the past year. It really keeps a gal going!

  5. tom barrett Says:

    It is storming on this side of the country, so I guess umbrellas are the fashionable accessory today!

    Ellie looks a bit disgusted to have been given such a small umbrella. Watch out for flying peanuts, Linda!

  6. dot Says:

    that is really cute.. i love the tiny umbrella!

  7. aaronpocock Says:

    Gorgeous image Linda, really beautiful. I love the textures you’ve used.

  8. Gaia Says:

    OOh this is sooo beautiful! I love her!!! I have a soft spot for elephants… I wonder why… πŸ™‚
    I’d love to have t-shirt with this! πŸ˜€

  9. cata Says:

    When the colors and the character are perfect the image is pure poetry.
    I love your style.
    Cata,25 celcius degrees in Tuscany

  10. artseafartsea Says:

    Very cute and colorful.

  11. gina Says:

    and it’s around 28 c in here πŸ˜€
    I’m sending you the wind hugger from here- ‘fuuuuuhhh!’ , hope it makes you feel better!

  12. studio lolo Says:

    I’ll trade this freakin’ fog for your sunshine!

    I do love this big gal πŸ™‚

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