August 1, 2008

Penelope Kellogg,
married a bull-frog.
hoping he’d become a prince.

When she planted a kiss
on his future highness,
he turned into a blintz!


The Illustration Friday theme this week is “Poof!”

As I wondered and wondered what to do for this weeks theme… POOF!… I remembered an old post I could re-purpose!

It’s the first time I ever submitted an Illustration Friday… on a Friday!


40 Responses to “poof!”

  1. aya Rosen Says:

    This is so funny! though I don’t think I’ll eat a frog blintz!

  2. valgalart Says:

    i really love it! The colours are beautiful!

  3. Jessie Says:

    Fabulous! I think I would like the blintz better than a prince, too!

  4. wedgienet Says:

    i love it so much! colored pencil or pastel? i love the white lines! i really like how you colored this. great job! ❤

  5. hatrabbit Says:

    Cool drawing, it’s very dynamic. I love the expression on her face.

  6. Valeriannah Says:

    I really like the way you worked the colors in this piece. Great characterization!

  7. indigene Says:

    Her expression is great! I love the colors and textures; it’s really lovely!


  8. Great expression! I took a look on your blog and love it. Your characters are awesome! Good work!

  9. Bella Sinclair Says:

    HA! I had a good laugh with this one. Perhaps the fairy or witch who cast the spell had a heavy accent? REALLY cool spray of white to show the POOF!

  10. Vickie Says:

    Very funny and expressive. I love the colors. I’d like to know about the media you used. Color pencil over what?

  11. Joanna Huffaker Says:

    What a wonderful illustration. Lovely expression, and I love the character

  12. bobo's slave Says:

    Prince or blintz? I prefer the latter! Love the colors and the cute poem!

  13. Prince, blintz…. what’s the difference!
    Ok…. one tastes better and talks less!
    Incredible pastel work Linda.
    You are so versatile!

    Hey, if you had to choose one, what would be your favorite medium?

  14. Love the white lines…very striking! 🙂
    Love the whole thing actually…looks delicious! LOL

  15. chickengirl Says:

    LOVE the colors!! Another great one!

  16. Jen Says:

    LOL! I wonder how he tasted.

  17. outstanding, the best one so far!

  18. Mary Says:

    LOL! That is so cute! Hmmmmm….I could probably forgive any frog that turned into something yummy to eat…..especially if it was cream filled or chocolate.

  19. Monica Says:

    Oh, what a shock! Look at her face, this is certainly not what she was expecting! 🙂 I love the greens and the white lines, and that dress… boy, they sure knew how to dress in fairy tales!
    It’s wonderful!

  20. studio lolo Says:

    I can picture little tadpoles looking a bit like goldfish crackers. Is that sour cream on his back? mmmmmm, goes great with frog legs!

    Did Penelope get her dress at Anthropologie? She has exquisite taste 🙂 I love that catalog!

    Have I told you how wonderful this is? Well, it is!

  21. Kate Says:

    Great colors! This is so much fun. I LOVE blintzes, so my mouth is watering. Everything I look at pretty much reminds me of food, so I can totally relate to Penny.

  22. aaronpocock Says:

    Lovely work…. what’s the medium?

  23. froggie Says:

    ooooooy!!!!! LOVE this one, sketchie! a blintz…oh that poor stupid blonde woman. what did she expect? frogs are getting tired of that ol “yeah poof me and i’ll be what ever you desire.”

    amzzzing cpencil color! :))

  24. artseafartsea Says:

    Love this one. Great sketching and colors.

  25. Maggie Says:

    Delightful illustration, the green really makes this POP! and the red lips are hilarious!

  26. elizabeth Says:

    ha! I love it! Your creative mind really goes in fabulous directions. I also love the different texture in this old piece– colored pencil?

  27. Well if this isn’t the perfect illo for “poof” I don’t know what is… Great as always Linda :o)

  28. sm Says:

    oh wow, this is clever, love it! =-)

  29. very good! clever prose and a great illustration

  30. Great stuff! Excellent!

  31. Hi Linda,
    I just found your blog and I couldn’t stop laughing. Say, I know you already have a day job, but I think your fictitious monsters would make a GREAT children’s book. You could maybe do an abc book on them? There are a lot of monster books on the market already but I don’t think I have ever seen one that uses modern day references (ex. the key snatcher or the complainer). Just a thought.

  32. erin Says:

    oh dear! she exclaimed,
    but who could be blamed,
    with such a tasty tease.

    so while humming a tune,
    she picked up a spoon,
    and hoped for potato or cheese.

    love her dress!

  33. Ratlion Says:


    Nice work with the colouring! I like all the texture and the effect of the white on green.

    I’ve never heard of a ‘blintz’ before (we don’t have them around these parts)(or maybe we do, and it’s called something else!) but rest assured, that if I do come across one anytime in the future, I’m going to be thinking of ‘his future highness’ and this illo!



  34. Gaia Says:

    Lol! I wouldn’t mind if it happens the same to my diet food! I’ll try kissing my salads…

    Fantastic job! I love the colour!!!

  35. lil kim Says:

    cool illo! love the colour palette.

  36. Nancy Lefko Says:

    terrific…love the colors and your humor, as always 🙂

  37. janie Says:

    What a disappointment,but then again maybe Penelope really loves her blintz:)

  38. dot Says:

    heh, i’ve seen a good number of frogs for this theme, but that one is definitely different!

  39. David Sones Says:

    Craziness! I love the green, and with food involved all the better. I don’t know how good frog blintz tastes though?

    Fun illustration, and rhyme!

  40. kathyhare Says:

    lovely work as always, I especially like the use of white in the image.. ( I hadn’t heard of a ‘blintz’ before, I had to look it up on the net! :))

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