bending over backwards

August 7, 2008

So I was sketching out yet another idiom and I got to thinking… hey, today is the opening ceremony for the Olympics. Despite the politics and controversy, ya just gotta love the Olympics and this opening ceremony promises to be spectacular! Can’t wait!

Anyway… about that idiom… ahem, when you inconvenience yourself to help another, you might say you are bending over backwards for that person. You might say that… if you are a drama queen, that is! Whining over it like that somewhat tarnishes the good deed, don’t you think. Get over it, huh?

Alright then.

Speaking of drama queens, my good friend Barnabus T. Bunniwell has selflessly agreed to demonstrate the act of bending over backwards on a balance beam, whilst showing us his national pride. Let’s give Barnabus a big hand.

Go U.S.A.!