empty head

August 22, 2008

Been a little down in the dumps the past week. As a result I’ve slacked on blogging duties and my head has been completely devoid of ideas – of any kind. However, I am happy to report, as of this morning, I think I might have my mojo back… whatever mojo is… I think I have it back!

Perhaps there’s a bit too much mojo on that super long, left arm of hers, eh?


Hey, I’m tryin’ over here.

Oh, also, wanted to mention a few of the sweet folks that helped pull me out of my doldrums this week.

First, the beautiful, talented Cata of Cata’s Illustration and Crafts bestowed upon me a wonderful “Super Blogger” award.

Also the multi-talented, wonderful Julia and Bobo over at Bobo’s Fun Place, the hilarious, whimsical Erin of Rapture Pet Sitting Service and a new friend, über talented Carlyn of Ballyhoo, who graced me with the “I Love Your Blog” award.

I love all four of these gals and want to thank them along with everyone who commented this past mojo-less week… you are all mojo rejuvenaters!

I need to choose my 7 peeps now, and I will be posting more about these awards, but wanted to get a shout out to you sweeties ASAP!

Thank you , thank you, thank you!