olympic moments…

August 24, 2008

Sadly, most of the world’s daily routine of watching the Olympics has come to an end. So, to ease the transition I’ve enlisted the help of various bunnies to reenact a few Olympic highlights. We’ve put this together for you whilst watching the closing ceremonies… which by the way, were spectacular.

28 Responses to “olympic moments…”

  1. conniemartin Says:

    The bunnies all win gold in my estimations. Love your lines!

  2. soulbrush Says:

    we’ve all gonea bit ‘olympics’ mad this year. but all good things come to an end.

  3. aaronpocock Says:

    Wait!!!… The Olympics was on???? Where was I???

    I love bunny no.2 the best Linda… Great stuff!
    You REEEEAAAAALLLLYYYY have to do something with this little feller!

  4. Jen Says:

    Your bunnies are great! Love the swimmer bunny.

  5. rui Says:

    Nice work, congratulations!

    I invited you to see my new kit´s at

    Thanks and regards

    Rui Sousa

  6. froggie Says:

    ok, that lassst bunny? she’s like only 9 years old…lookit er teeth. (big feet for a nine year old, tho…)

    wonderful bunnies! hiya, sketcheroo! “D

  7. Mary Beth Says:

    I don’t know – that gymnastics bunny looks a little young for her age group??? Are your bunnies now coming home to play tennis in the US Open? Something to keep us going until the end of the summer:)

  8. artseafartsea Says:

    LOL. Great stuff! You are on a creative roll once again.

  9. dot Says:

    Those bunnies have great personality. i love them..

  10. studio lolo Says:


    Did you know that there was a sprinter/hurdle lady for the U.S. team and her name was Lolo Jones? (I’m not sure she deserved to use my name. She never asked, or anything!)


  11. visualkoas Says:

    How did NBC miss these amazing Olympic moments?
    I’m noticing a teeny bit of wobble in that Iron Cross on the rings but that is only a .10 deduction.
    I’ll bet I’ll bet it was easy for that bunny to stick the dismount … with those feets!
    Gold medals for all.

  12. bobo's slave Says:

    Love love your bunnies action! I try to choose my favorite one, but I failed, I just love all of them!

  13. Monica Says:

    I too was closely following the Olympics (and having fun, though being a bit sleep deprived!) but nothing compares to the Olympic moments with bunnies! These are hilarious!!!

  14. tlchang Says:

    Swim cap bunny! Heh. These are terrific.

  15. Bella Sinclair Says:

    Oh my gosh, these are so COOL! I’m absolutely in love with your bunnies. I think my favorite is the gymnast. (What? Did someone say she was underage?) Though getting those feet over hurdles is no small…uh…feat.

  16. Sandra Says:

    These are just wonderful, energetic bunnies and all receive ‘GOLD’. The Olympics were very good to watch and I am going to miss them.

  17. Kelly Says:

    haha, fantastic! Love the bunnies!

  18. I’ll bet that Phelps fellow wouldn’t have done nearly as well, if that little guy would have showed up!!!

  19. emily Says:

    Bunnies are quite extraordinary and talented beings! That they can achieve such grace with so many floppy parts! hihi… I love it!

  20. Faruffa Says:

    Very whimsical for this weeks topic … you always give us a pleasant surprise :o)

  21. kathyhare Says:

    love the determination on their faces… 🙂

  22. Katherine Says:

    Wonderful sketches, and really nice clay bunny. I too run out of dishes. 🙂

  23. conniemartin Says:

    I so love your site and I’ve registered this in the form of a little recognition on my site [http://conniemartin.wordpress.com/illus-fri/] and hope this is OK by you. If you wish to display the little award just go to my site and see how it’s done. In any case, it’s to let you know how much I admire your work.

  24. conniemartin Says:

    Don’t freak out completely: I was off in the wilds again and only today got back to put my list of ‘must sees’ onto my site which is why you didn’t see it first time round!

  25. Duncan Lee Says:

    Really lovely drawings, excellent stuff.

  26. Kelly Light Says:

    Awesome Bunnies! perfect 10! – but they now have like 15?- Perfect 15!

  27. […] buddy, the über-talented, Gaia Bordicchia mentioned she was looking for my Olympic bunnies (here, here and here) this winter, of which there were none… up until this point. I’d like to […]

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