September 30, 2008

Alpaca and pachyderm packed themselves into a Packard and proceeded to Pakistan.


The Illustration Friday theme this week is “Packed,” and once again, I went with the obvious choice.

Thanks to my good friend Alexis for coming up with most of this alliteration. It was fun, tee hee!

35 Responses to “packed”

  1. Love this concept and illustration.

  2. bellasabbagh Says:

    I love this: it’s joyous, humorous, and full of energy. It made me laugh, and I love the colours, too. Wonderful!

  3. *lol* This is too funny! And alpacas are the cutest animals.

  4. soulbrush Says:

    what an adorable illo…you have such good ideas.

  5. Hahahaha now try to say that 3 times in a row fast and without stopping ;o)

    This is wonderful, smart, original, cute and funny.. as always Linda!!

  6. tom barrett Says:

    I am positive that plenty of people will peek at your perfectly proportioned “packed” picture!

  7. rui Says:

    a really nice work, congratulations and regards.
    Rui Sousa

  8. I really like this one!

    The contrast between their body shapes and the fun expressions on their faces make it!

  9. studio lolo Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever visited without laughing out loud πŸ˜€ The windblown expression on the face of the alpaca is awesome! You can really feel that old Packard whirring down the street with your movement lines on the tires and the pachyderm’s tail. And I’m LOVIN’ the colors of the car…wowee!
    I have nothing clever to say today. Clever goes to you πŸ™‚

  10. I love the tiny little arms on the elephant and the wind rushing past the alpaca.

  11. Dave H Says:

    Hilarious and well-drawn.

  12. Ratlion Says:

    Maybe they could swing by India while they’re at it. That Alpaca? He’s cute!


  13. Then they made a pinky finger pact to be pals for life!!
    This is perfect Linda!!!!!!!

    Hope you enjoyed your trip…

  14. Debra Cooper Says:

    This is such a fun illustration! I adore the alpaca and the wind rushing by. Your work is just fantastic!!!!!

  15. Dragana Says:

    Wow! Sweet, funny and beautiful! I love your style!

  16. Wow, that is one cool and PACKED submission!!! I love all the paks and packs and pachs. And I can’t get over the alpaca’s expression. That ME, when we used to have a convertible and my husband drove around. He loves to speed, and I hate having my hair whipping around my face.

  17. Monica Says:

    Not only you come up with the funniest concepts, but you illustrate them SO perfectly and beautifully. I mean, really, you are so amazingly talented! πŸ™‚
    Love that speedy Alpaca, with the wind blowing against her fur, squinting in the wind, and the joyful elephant going for a ride on the packard. I’m sure they’ll have a great time in Pakistan!

  18. wee ellen Says:

    Thankfully, the pachyderm packed his…ahem…trunk!

  19. Great concept and illo!!

  20. Regina Says:

    Oh it’s perfectly packed!! Great illo!!

  21. froggie Says:


    (oh man! so so jealous you met the indomintable studio lollie!)

    love alpaca in the wind….

  22. bobo's slave Says:

    I love alpaca’s expression, bobo give me this expression when get scolded! Pachyderm looks excited for the trip! Hooray to the amazing powerful car that able to hold an elephant and still able to run so fast!

  23. chickengirl Says:

    Ya know, I have this weird thing about alpacas creeping me out because of their weird shape. But your alpaca sure looks cute with wind in its fur. Always fun coming here to your blog.

    and OMG thank you so much for getting my book!!! I can’t even express how much that means to me. So cluck cluck from chickengirl! πŸ™‚

  24. kathyhare Says:

    brilliant as always, love the windswept alpaca!

  25. Kelly Says:

    HA! – Absolutely Fab-u-lous!!!! Great drawing/great humor- bonkers!

  26. Mary Says:

    You really “packed” that one for all it was worth! Very cute! I love your illustrations and they are always so funny.

  27. Matthew A Says:

    What an interestingly political and humorous illustration. And I love the use of alliteration in your fantastic topical image. I have to say that I’m certainly envious.

  28. valgalart Says:

    you make the bestest characters πŸ™‚ i love this Linda!

  29. Jess Says:

    So clever, and the wind distorting the fur is hilarious!

  30. Faruffa Says:

    Great idea!!!
    I love word play and the wonderful illo, your characthers have great expressivity and dynamism

  31. artseafartsea Says:

    Love the car. And of course the animals.

  32. dinesh Says:

    haha thats a precariously perched playful power-packed pachyderm! love the alliteration and fun illo!! πŸ™‚

  33. cata Says:

    Love the speedy alpaca with this elegant expression!

  34. Jay Says:

    Hi Linda. I would like to modify your picture about the tooth missing a crown. I found it funny for an idea I came up with. May I have permission to use it, please?

  35. sketched out Says:

    Jay, I’m going to have to say no, being as you’ve already used it, altered it without permission and without any mention of it’s origin. Not a good practice. I also understand that it’s been taken out of the contest you had entered it in and that is a good thing. At the risk of sounding parental, I certainly hope you’ve learned something from this.

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