November 29, 2008



Tinkerbell’s habitual tardiness
was beginning to put a damper
on her hot air ballooning.


The Illustration Friday theme this week is “Balloon.”


47 Responses to “balloon”

  1. studio lolo Says:

    How do ya do it, huh Sketch? Week after week after week after week…pure genius!! You’re starting to make everyone else look bad! I mean, c’mon, other people did balloons but they don’t look like yours. And the perspective, holy crap!!! I quit. I can’t even begin to share the stage with you. And you write ditties for crap’s sake…how, what the?
    You know I love you, right?????? 🙂

  2. rachel Says:

    Wow, what a great perspective and composition! I really like this illo. Funny as well :))

  3. Whoa! Lesson learned!

  4. Sara Says:

    Challenging perspective, but with the composition of the cat out of the square gives the perfect feeling of falling. Really good 🙂

  5. ohhh my goodness this is awesome Linda!! Love the perspective so much! I feel if I stretch my hand I might be able to help :o)
    I adore the way you draw kitties’ paws…. This is terrific!! :o)

  6. soulbrush Says:

    hey this is soooooooooo gooooooood,

  7. kellypurves Says:

    it’s just brilliant. Even the little details like the outline of the arm to make it look like panicky movement. Love it 🙂

  8. Vincenzo Says:

    wow great draw!! i like!!! 😀

  9. froggie Says:

    PEEE O FREEKING VIEWW!!!! wow!!! sketchie, this is fabbulous!
    his lil feet, padding and all! love this! :))

  10. This is a total scream!!! I love it, I love it. I L O V E I T ! I am about to pee on myself LOL!!!

  11. That’ll teach her. Great illustration!

  12. I love the perspective, and especially love the way the cat has broken the frame! Awesome!

  13. Jess Says:

    She’s almost fallen off the picture! I love the yellow glow under the balloon, the perspective and of course the kitty’s very worried look!x

  14. Indigene Says:

    What a great perspective! I love their expressions, too!

  15. Susan Says:

    Impressive, gorgeous composition, I hope that cat isn’t too frightened, considering it’s over the viewer’s head. The bird is presumably in a position to enjoy itself

  16. nina seven Says:

    awesome! i wish i could draw perspective pieces like this! very impressiver, indeed!

  17. tlchang Says:

    Really great angle and perspective. (And you are also so *clever*. I love reading what you add almost as much as the drawings themselves).

    Kudos, once again.

  18. Prunella Says:

    LOVE it! fantastic composition and the colours!!! BEEEEutiful. Super Gorgeous Linder Lu.

  19. Eli Says:

    Fun POV, I really like this one!

  20. Mary Says:

    Adorable! Your imagination is out of this world 🙂

  21. get zapped Says:

    Dynamic illo! Love the perspective and energy of this, not to mention the fantastic colors!

  22. Loni Edwards Says:

    Wow! This illo is an inspiration for me. The colors, the humor, the perspective, everything is really great! One of my favorites this week.

  23. ria nirwana Says:

    The idea is sooo fresh! great illo!

  24. ria nirwana Says:

    the cat is sooo cute! And the idea is superb.

  25. This is my favourite on this theme that I’ve seen so far. I lovely the little woried faces in the basket!

  26. theartofpuro Says:

    It’s always a wonderful surprise coming here to see your illos,love it and the cat expression is amazing

  27. Faruffa Says:

    Oh oh oh this is stratospheric!!!

  28. I just feel like wanted to open my arms wide! Another magical piece, I love it so so so much!

  29. chickengirl Says:

    great perspective!

  30. Waaaaaaaa! My gosh, I feel like I’m being yanked right into my screen and into the sky! Wow, the colors and the drama of this one!

  31. Tinkerbell…an excellent name for a flying cat!
    Everything about this is perfect Linda!!!!

  32. woooooow
    What a wonderful illo!

  33. Christina Says:

    wow great illustration!

  34. dot Says:

    hilarious, as always… apparently hanging off a balloon rope is popular this week! But you’re has much better perspective than mine 😉

  35. Nice rear shot of Tinkerbell! Seriously though, your sketches blow me away. Amazing perspective, great concepts and all around bloggy goodness. Looove it!

  36. motivart Says:

    great illustration

  37. Kat Says:

    Really awesome illustration. Love the perspective.

  38. erin Says:

    this really made me laugh and I really needed to laugh! thank you!

  39. Bee Says:

    Great persepctive! Such wonderful humour in your skilfully created illustrations 🙂

  40. yoon see Says:

    The colours here are fantastic!
    Loving your colours combination of orange, green and purple…
    Most importantly it’s so cute and humorous! I also love the cat’s expression coming down nervous from the hot air balloon.
    Wow! Cute blue bird as an extra compliment

  41. cata Says:

    You are a genius in perspectives!!!!!WOW!
    Fantastic,fantastic, fantastic!
    I’m in love of your cat!

  42. Thanks for the Illustration Friday idea. I will start right away but Similar is a tricky one! I don’t know where to start.

    And gosh, there are so many talented people out there! It makes me dizzy 🙂

    It’ll be interesting to see your next cute work of art.

  43. lalouba Says:

    Beautiful 🙂 Great character drawings too. GJ! 😀


  44. Oh my god! Brilliant composition.I’m in love with your work and would lovvvve to link it to my tiny little blog as well for inspiration. Can I?

  45. Sarah Says:

    Dear Linda
    Your work is really terrific. I am a college professor and would love to use some of your images in unpublished lectures for educational purposes only. Would you ever consider granting that sort of permission?
    Very best, Sarah

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