December 28, 2008


Mortimer became a mole, not for any political reasons, nor was it a passion for clandestine meetings or intrigue… he simply liked the trench coat and all the cool gadgets.


29 Responses to “clandestine”

  1. Doug Says:

    nice job! … I see it is still snowing on your blog! :0)

  2. he he, beutiful illo, love hes attitude, living all time in clandestine.

  3. I love this! Really great character. Could he maybe have more gadgets since he got into the biz for that reason?

  4. Sonia Says:

    Great character and great draw! Well done!

  5. Cool. Nice drawing and great take on the theme.

  6. yoon see Says:

    Lovely illustration. He looks like a spy…
    Cool! You got it out so well.
    Thanks…I also love the brown trench coat here:)
    Happy New Year!!!

  7. I love these sketched images. The mole is great and very much undercover 😉

  8. Mary Says:

    I think being a mole was his true destiny. If he gets tired of being a mole, he can rumple the trench coat and link up with Columbo.

  9. Kat Says:

    Very cool mole on mole word play and the mole himself is illustrated really well. I love it.

  10. This little dude is going to take care of business I can tell! he he . He looks like the Cleaner! I love it. You are too funny. Thanks for making me smile today.

  11. carli Says:

    very cute. It is a very cool trenchcoat

  12. LAStern Says:

    Once again, terrific work. I love the take on the theme and your execution is adorable!!



  13. HEHEHEHEH HAHAHA! All of your stuff is hilarious. Love it love it!!!!!!!

  14. Tomas Says:

    Cute character.

  15. Jess Says:

    I love it Linda, it’s brilliant! Btw thanks for email, I hope you got my reply.x

  16. dot Says:

    he’s fabulous!

    by the way, how did the cooking go?

  17. Holey Moley Mortimer… you fell for a trenchcoat and a little bling bling? tsk..tsk!!

    I always know you’ll post something clever girlfriend!

  18. Indigene Says:

    Great illustration and concept! It’s just that I find moles, rats and opossums, ugh! You’ve done an excellent job illustration this one, it’s so realistic…yeesh!

  19. Fantastic! You have such great talent!

  20. artseafartsea Says:

    This is a great one. Best I’ve seem so far on the theme. Got a real chuckle.

  21. studio lolo Says:

    perfection!!!! I do love this guy and his name and his sexy coat! One time in college I went to a costume party and I dressed up as a male flasher. (I’m ruining my rep here.) Anyhoodle, I had the whole anatomy thing working for me (if you know what I mean.) I had FLASH! written in paint on the back of my trench coat and when I opened the coat people were shocked! A few people were insulted which hurt my feelings, so I took my crush hat off and let my wild, permed hair spill down and then they recognized me. Busted!!! My gay, wonderful best-buddy professor said he should have known it was me. He loved it. I won first prize!
    I still have the Polaroids of me posing in the men’s room at the urinals. OMG…I’m so busted here 😀

    I’m posting your prize choice today 😉

  22. jessica Says:

    OMG how cool is your site! And your beautiful mole has animated snow! How did you do that?

  23. Sara Says:

    Charming character! I understand his decision to become a mole, he looks really cool in that outfit!

  24. Faruffa Says:

    Happy new year Linda, I wish you all the best :o)

  25. Heeheeheeheeeeee! Oh, that’s great! He’s got the cool gadgets going and everything. What a perfect drawing for this week!

  26. Nancy Lefko Says:

    what a cool dude 🙂

  27. theartofpuro Says:

    Love it,he’s so funny

    Happy New Year 2009

  28. tusen Says:

    He’s such a great character 🙂

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