January 28, 2009



A little bit of a stretch, but that little dude had to have climbed up there to be hanging from the ceiling… right?

Alright, well, now that we got that cleared up, I’d like to say, yes, yes, I reposted yet again. I mean… is anyone else having a hard time getting back into the creative swing? Jeepers!


19 Responses to “climbing”

  1. Great illo, his eyes, and his mouth, just love him,

  2. artseafartsea Says:

    Very cute.

  3. Michael Says:

    I like your sketches!

  4. Heehee. It looks like mom’s seen this kind of thing many times before. What a great drawing! Hey, I love your reposts. It’s new to me!

  5. Larry Lee Says:

    Great illo. Very fun poem. Love Mom’s expression.

  6. tom barrett Says:

    Ahhhh. You’re killing me with these reposts! πŸ˜› What happened to the voyeur in the coffee shop??! Who hid the remaining animal idioms? Where did all the little bunnies and kitties go? Did your cats start a coup and take over your blog? Do I need to FedEx some kibble to get them back in line?

    Seriously, though, I hope you find that creative groove you seem to be missing. But I enjoy your drawings anyway, even the second go round! πŸ˜€

  7. Two thoughts… first, what the heck kind of sticky stuff does that kid have on the bottom of his shoes…. and two, if he’s right… and she’s upside down, then she must have used the whole can of Aquanet on her hair, hee hee!!!

    Always fun Linda!!!
    Thanks for your kind comments… you’re so sweet and truly one of my faves!!!

  8. Faruffa Says:

    It’s true, is always a matter of point of view!!!
    Great illo :o)

  9. yoon see Says:

    I love both of them with same action but hanging upside down!

  10. theartofpuro Says:

    Great illo and wonderful interpretation

  11. So true, Linda…it’s all about point of view! πŸ™‚

    love it, of course!

  12. Jess Says:

    Well I didn’t even realise it was a repost! Your drawings are always amazing but I share your angst at trying to get back in the groove! The last couple of weeks I’ve been posting daily ‘warm-up’ sketches, mostly rubbish, but it is helping to get the momentum going again!x

  13. This is a darling, fun illo! Great job.

  14. Jennifer Says:

    Love mom’s expression! πŸ˜‰

  15. kathyhare Says:

    brilliant, love the poem..

  16. Yeah, it can be a bit difficult getting into the mood of creativity again. And it’s kind of annoying when you really want to create and nothing comes out on paper. But hang in there! This drawing is fab. My climbing-version was just straight on. Kind of boring. Hah!

  17. erin Says:

    ack I am with 100% thanks for the words of support. I think I might start illustrating a pictionary of the verification words, “flagnato” too funny!!

  18. Mary Says:

    Very clever and I love all your reposts, beacause I didn’t see them the first time! I don’t know how anyone creative can be so all the time….goodness what a strain that would be!

  19. studio lolo Says:

    I never tire of your reposts…and yeah, I’m feeling that creative block too! I just haven’t been inspired by the “IF” words lately. Although I did like ‘pale.’

    I just brought in my table from the studio. Maybe I’ll get some good karma from it and start creating like I did in the studio lolo days πŸ™‚

    I still love this drawing Sketchie!

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