February 12, 2009



This little feline seraph is my entry in Dot at Dabbled’s Anti V-Day Contest. The idea is to do something a little darker or creepier than the usual Valentine’s Day fare. Where my little friend here lacks in darkness and creepiness, he more than makes up for in sheer convenience, as he was already created last year. I added a bit of blood in hopes that one of the judges might find it kind of dark… Creepy maybe… if you squint? 

Alright, I’m tryin’ over here!


Check out Dabbled too, if you get a chance. It’s a wonderful place to visit!


17 Responses to “Catpid”

  1. Pickledog Says:

    Hehe.. Fun illo, I do find it a little creepy, but only because I remember what happened the last time one of my cats got ahold of Cupid’s bow and arrow.

    Happy V-Day!

  2. bobo Says:

    I remember this cute little catpid, I must say I love this version more, the little blood drop added so much fun on it!

  3. Jess Says:

    He looks as though he’s regretting it now!x

  4. cata Says:

    I always said the same words…..but It’s True…
    I love him!!!

  5. He he he he he he. I’m grateful for this cute cat! This both funny and fabulous. I just love it pieces! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Thanks so much for your very, very, kind comments left at my blog. You will never know how much it’s appreciated.

  6. Monica Says:

    Oh, he’s creepy, alright… don’t be fooled by those cute eyes and wings…that dripping blood tells it all! 🙂

    Gosh, I love your work!

  7. emily Says:

    hihi… Fierce!
    Happy Valentines Day!

  8. Eric Barclay Says:

    He looks like he could be dissuaded from a lifestyle of violence… there’s still hope for him.

    Really fun image and such a wonderful character.

  9. Faruffa Says:

    Absolutely the best anti Valentine’s Day … a pinch of irony, a dose of the dark, much sense of humor and a masterly artist!!!

  10. Another great cat character – love this one’s eyes – he looks quite guilty!

  11. studio lolo Says:

    Well, love hurts, right??
    I still love this guy even though his face rings a bell.
    I could never, ever get tired of seeing any repeats here, okay?? Okay. As long as we’re clear!

    I’ve been such a bad blogging buddy. Where have all the minutes in a day gone?? (Was that good English? Prob-ly not!)

  12. enigma Says:

    haha what a cutie! love your catpid.

  13. dot Says:

    well, *I* think it’s adorable!

  14. Brine Blank Says:

    This is pretty funny…great design on your characters. I meant to add you to my barratuna blog roll but kept losing track of people as IF has gotten so ‘big’…you are now there and easier to keep tabs on…

  15. tlchang Says:

    I love him. 🙂

    I also wanted to come up with a darker, scarier illustration for Valentine’s but it was too ambitious to finish in time (i.e. the dark side of Eros/Cupid). Hopefully, in the future…

  16. chickengirl Says:

    oh! I LOVE the idea of a darker illo for valentine’s day…I actually had an idea but didn’t have time to execute it.

    Yeah, the drop of blood is good! I love it…heheh!

  17. […] very excited to announce that my Catpid won second place at the Anti-Valentines Day contest over at Dabbled! I waited until the last […]

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