March 10, 2009



Maybe it’s because I just finished reading the graphic novel “Watchmen” (in anticipation of the movie.) It could be because of it’s very dark, very intricate and layered story. Or maybe I’m just in a weird mood. All I know is, while pondering this week’s IF word, intricate, the above illustration popped into my head.  I created this image years ago for a cover story in the Ventura County Reporter. The story was titled “Body of Evidence, In the struggle for a non-toxic environment, woman may have the most at stake.”

Although not terribly intricate, the story was not exactly light reading either. So this is what I came up with.

I know, it’s a bit of a departure from the usual idioms, bunnies, and kitty antics you’ll usually find scattered across my wee bit of space on the world wide web, but hey, I’m feeling all dark and intricate tonight.

Here, maybe this will detox you from all the uncharacteristic seriousness. Srsly!

23 Responses to “intricate”

  1. helena Says:

    Whoa… a disturbance in the force… 🙂 Was just passing by and could not help the draw of the dark side…
    p.s. Could be withdrawal syndrome, which I sometimes get after finishing a very engaging book or movie. Perhaps a little margarita could help get it out of the system?

  2. yes it’s a really different work from your bunnies but so strong and effective! i like it so much!

  3. brine blank Says:

    really like the texture and moodiness to this…

  4. Nancy Lefko Says:

    Yes, this is very different from what I expected to see here, but what a strong and intense piece of work !

    I hope you are well….I wish I could visit every day as I used to. I have been wrapped up in my workshop and it has taken all my computer time…but I have been thinking of you 🙂

  5. T. Martin Says:

    This is a beautiful illustration–so dark and heavy, and those smokestacks really are spewing forth toxins. I totally FEEL it in this picture.

  6. elizabeth Says:

    This is exquisite. A smart and sensitive treatment of the article’s topic (from what I can tell!) and some beautiful pastel work (or is that colored pencils?). Sure, it’s a departure from your usual stuff–but I like both types!

  7. Yet another facet of the Silvestri magic…a dark side…

    …indeed a departure from the bunny trails, kitty conundrums and alpaca fluff…

    Love it Linda!!!

  8. artseafartsea Says:

    For a minute I thought it was the Octo Mom. Guess it could be huh? I really like this one. I sort of remember it. Great work.

  9. kathyhare Says:

    So very different to your usual work but a very beautiful and thought provoking image..

  10. This illustration really hits a note for me. I’m currently expecting and feel that the world around me is becoming so toxic that it’s hard to consume much without true thought and care. Of course there are lots of lovely things we can eat, breath and put on our bodies too.
    Very lovely mood. Hardly seen in a pregnancy portrait.

  11. Dusik Says:

    very powerful image. sad too

  12. Eric Barclay Says:

    Really outstanding piece. It’s nice seeing this aspect of your work– you have so much talent.

  13. Indigene Says:

    I find it amazing and a very true and sad commentary on what’s happening to our cities around the world! It’s lovely to see the light and magical of life, but sometimes the dark is needed to appreciate the light. Beautiful, rich and depth ridden piece. Bravo! Bravo!

  14. tom barrett Says:

    Cool piece!

    Always knew there was more to you than fluffy bunnies and kitty cats!

  15. Mary Says:

    Very different from your usual style, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t great! Very interesting as well as intricate. Love the kitty photo link, too.

  16. studio lolo Says:

    I seriously thought I was on the wrong blawwwwwg!!!

    I love seeing another side to your work, it’s awesome.

    You okay??


  17. rui Says:

    Really lovely interesting piece,

    rui sousa

  18. Pickledog Says:

    Mix it up!

    Totally different, but change is good. It’s even Watchmen like colours! Sorry if this is a repost, I’m having issues getting my comments to post.

  19. bobo & Julia Says:

    Very powerful image, it’s great to see a different style of yours! Well, sometimes we should see the dark side of the world too!

  20. Loni Edwards Says:

    A fantastically original idea. I love it. Absolutely love it. The theme, the story behind it. Splendid. I gotta read Watchmen! My husband and I are huge comic fans, but I haven’t had the time yet.

  21. tlchang Says:

    Wow. Fun to see a different side of your illustrative work.

  22. Angela Says:

    Very expressive! Whether it be funny bunnies or somber harsh realities of life. You really know how to tap into that emotional reservoir. It’s wonderful!

  23. yoon see Says:

    This is so different from your normal style and it’s speaking to me, it’s like a calling!
    Powerful piece & it should be displayed & exhibited in a gallery:)

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