poise, thy name is Ignatz

March 27, 2009



With snowy white fur,
and a deafening purr,
her toes are like a pink pearl erasers.

My Ignatz is shy,
but you cannot deny,
she’s the great lizard hunter and chaser.


This kitty-ballerina image came to mind a last year while staring at my kitty, Iggy’s feets. I studied admiringly, her pristeen white fur and pink toes, bringing to mind the white tights and pink shoes of a prima ballerina. That along with an almost preternatural grace she’s been known to exhibit, while padding, almost toe dancing across the fireplace mantle. She lithely slinks along this 3 inch wide path, past tons of chachkis and photos, with nary an item being knocked over.

The girl’s got mad grace-skills!

Of course, when I have to rescue a terrified, de-tailed lizard from under our bed, one of many she proudly trots into the house, the ballerina image dissipates rapidly. –Sigh.


Click to get better look at Iggy’s feets!

Hey! This might be my very first post to Illustration Friday… on Friday!!!! WeeEeeeEEE! Ok, ok, I know, it’s because this is a repost. But I think you’ll agree it’s a good fit for “Poise” and I did punch up the rhyme and reworded the whole thing a bit. That counts, right?


37 Responses to “poise, thy name is Ignatz”

  1. You go girl!
    We both were thinking dancers this week!

    Iggy’s a sweet thing a from her calico colors to her dainty pink toes!

  2. Cheryl Says:

    I’m sure she’ll land on her feet. Love the movement of this.

  3. adrienne Says:

    so sweet – the expression on her face is perfect

  4. jack foster Says:

    Wow what a wonderful pose and such a sweet kitty! Love it! Great work!

  5. LOVE her sweetness!!!!

  6. Deb Keirce Says:

    What a sweet (and poised) illustration! Great job!

  7. woah. this is sooo adorable!
    your work is so charming, I love it!

  8. Xovika Says:

    I want to eat her in one bite!

  9. Love this!! And Iggy’s real feets are so pink and pearly!!

  10. froggie Says:

    pink pearl erasers…genius, sketchie! she’s puurrffect, too! love her diaphanous tu-tu! and thanks always for popping by the froggie side o the world! 🙂

  11. Nicole Says:

    hahaha what a wonderful drawing!!

  12. oh those lovely legs! your cats are fantastic!

  13. I absolutely love this!! It is totally charming – wonderful drawing!

  14. Jess Says:

    That’s some feet she’s got there! I love the poised ballerina cat!x

  15. yoon see Says:

    Graceful beats! Really beautiful.
    Happy weekend to you dear Sketchout:)

  16. roz Says:

    hahaha, charming as usual. Great expression!

  17. Susan Faye Says:

    Iggy appears to be such a lovely and innocent sweetheart in both the illustration and photo…I can’t possibly believe she’s the terror of the lizard world!

  18. Indigene Says:

    Oh what a delightful illustration!

  19. kathyhare Says:

    you have a very talented cat!

  20. studio lolo Says:

    Oh those delightful, delicious feets!!!!!!!!
    Iggy is beautiful. Look how happy she is..is that a smile?
    I love Miss ballerina~ever so graceful and poised!
    And uh yeah…I was surprised to see you so soon! I’ve been the late one these days.

    Have a great week Missy! 🙂

  21. Mary Says:

    Nothing more graceful than a cat…most of the time. Iggy is beautiful and your drawing is a lovely tribute to her grace and beauty. She appears to be dancing “Sleeping Beauty”.

  22. Faruffa Says:

    This is sooooooo perfect!!!
    when I saw “poise” I immediately thought to your Ballerina!!!
    …I also wish to see again Henrietta, I love her :o)

  23. dot Says:

    It’s perfect for the theme… so balanced and graceful! Love the tribute..

  24. erinh Says:

    hee ,hee, such CUTE toes!! (I used to have a kitty named Ignatz too! She would stretch her legs out and we would call her a show-off for her perfect point). Love the tutu!

  25. theartofpuro Says:

    Wonderful illustration,his expression is delightful
    Love it

  26. Vanessa Says:

    Aww such a cute illustration! Wonderful work as always!

  27. tlchang Says:

    Heh – love the pink-pearl-eraser toes! (You know, you could collect a number of these charming illos and humorous text combos and submit them somewhere… As an alphabet book or something? They are too good not to share!)

  28. Nancy Lefko Says:

    I love it…and isn’t Iggy a sweetheart. 🙂

  29. brine blank Says:

    what an awesome design on this…great pose!!! You really pulled it off.

  30. dot Says:

    oh, i finally got your prize in the mail. sorry for the delay!

  31. chickengirl Says:

    oh super graceful!!!

  32. studio lolo Says:

    hey, I’m missin’ you!! We’ll have to catch up before we leave for the east coast. We still have a couple of months 😛


  33. valgalart Says:

    Her paws are purrfection! i was just admiring my sweet cat caller’s (Red or Tar) paws today. Cat paws are fascinating!

  34. linda, iggy is wonderfully-poised!

  35. Pam Bestwick Says:

    Love your work, its just what I have in mind for my children’s books. Do you take work on commission?

  36. eugenia gina Says:

    Hi! Linda long time no see, I love Iggy, just want to hold her! And poor lizzy… hope he could escape at the right time..:D

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