April 30, 2009



She sings for the crowd,
and feels very proud
of a voice that can shatter glass.

But rather than cheers,
the crowd plugs their ears,
she sounds like she’s full of hot gas.


The Illustration Friday theme this week is “Theater” and I had big plans for it. But as luck would have it, once again the tempest fugit-ed and… sigh… you know… another repost.


25 Responses to “theater”

  1. Wooow!!!! Great character!!!… and voice!

  2. Jess Says:

    But what a great repost it is!x

  3. Vhrsti Says:

    Incredibly funny! Incredibly great!

  4. lil kim Says:

    WONDERFUL characterisation – love this!!

  5. froggie Says:

    um, your chick and my chick should go bowling…then go pound some frosted donuts and diet sprites. SHE’S AWWWWESOME, SKETCHIE! i love love love the shady audience characters…and her um, rib cage.

  6. Faruffa Says:

    Great piece, she is so hilarious!!!!!!

  7. Darcy Melton Says:

    I love how simple this is while incorporating a lot of character and activity. Very nice balance. Love it!

  8. Vickie Says:

    Fabulouse and funny 😀

  9. I absolutely laughed out loud!! So funny!!!

  10. robin Says:

    Great tongue! She LOOKS like she sounds like breaking glass – Love it!


  11. Snezana Says:

    Very interesting, she is fantastic!

  12. She is just fantastic Linda!!! She is giving it her all!!
    You are so talented! :o)

  13. valgalart Says:

    absolutely superb!!! I love the view deep inside her mouth 🙂

  14. Monica Says:

    It’s new to me! 🙂 And what a character, I feel like I can hear her powerful voice too!

  15. Saman Says:

    Good imagination :))

  16. kathyhare Says:

    your work always makes me laugh out loud! she is amazing! lovely work Linda.. 🙂

  17. La la la la la…..
    Maybe a longer warm up before curtain call?

    What a diva she is!

  18. Hilarious!! I hadn’t seen it before!! Your work is always infused with a brilliant sense of humour.

  19. artseafartsea Says:

    I love this one. U can repost it as many times as you want to.

  20. frankelstache Says:


  21. Mary Says:

    LOL! Well, I haven’t seen it before and I think it is a scream!

  22. yoon see Says:

    She is really professional, full of expression:)
    I love the mute background and the focus is on her:)

  23. How have I not seen your IF stuff before?!? They are all SO brilliant. Really funny, clever and to top it all, great drawings!

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