May 4, 2009


In the hierarchical structure of this family, guess who comes out on top.


The “Illustration Friday” theme this week is “heirarchy.

30 Responses to “hierarchy”

  1. artseafartsea Says:

    Love it. Of course the baby it tops in any hierarchy.

  2. itsydezine Says:

    lol, this is hilarious! i love it!

  3. dotatdabbled Says:

    What a great one! and so true… In our house the picture is smaller, but yeah, the little one is on top!

  4. Brilliant! Every little detail counts in this one!

  5. T. Martin Says:

    Fun! I love all the expressions (both facial and body-language) of everyone in the picture.

  6. Nell Says:

    Love the activity and the colors – the pets are too funny!

  7. studio lolo Says:

    Emma doesn’t understand why the dog isn’t on top. Oh, and Bliss thinks it should be the cat 😛
    Great family dynamics here Sketchy!! Maybe they’re in for a good old fashioned game of catch the baby?

  8. fadas & c.ª Says:

    The little devil! Ehehehe! Very funny and very true!

  9. Vicki Says:

    You got that right, sista!

  10. Nicola Toms Says:

    Great picture!!! Very similar to our house! I love their expressions, there is so much energy in this cpicture it’s great!!

  11. Cheryl Says:

    Awesome gesture and character development in this. And, very funny/entertaining.

  12. Ahhh this is awesome!!!!! All of them are sooo good!! haha, wonderful Linda! :o)

  13. Kelly Light Says:

    Ha! Baby wns every time! I like your peeps!

  14. Kelly Light Says:

    Ha! Baby wins every time! I like your peeps!

  15. ria nirwana Says:

    Yes…Baby’s rule!

  16. Mary Says:

    LOL! Wonderful! I love how the cat is ignoring the whole thing….as only a cat can when they aren’t the center of attention.

  17. Faruffa Says:

    Fun and brilliant!!!
    I like the expression of each of them, looks like so well the situation.

  18. One of my favorites for the week – simply brilliant! The expressions are priceless…what great character work. And the composition tells it all…perfect! Great, hilarious, and oh so true take on the topic!

  19. Just like a cat to care less… hee hee!!
    Your so witty!!!

  20. lil kim Says:

    haha, great illo! love your characters.

  21. emily Says:

    hihi… but how would it look from the kitties perspective? Oh different indeed! The loud pink thing just hasn’t figured it out yet! 🙂

  22. yoon see Says:

    Wow! I love this, you really have a lot of fun ideas.
    Happy mother’s day to you:)

  23. Eric Barclay Says:

    Isn’t that the truth? Great illustration and wonderful characters as always.

  24. brine blank Says:

    Not sure how I missed this but it is pretty awesome…great idea….

  25. Oh this is royal!!!! LOL! I just love this moment you’ve illustrated. Your characters are always boss. The colors are amazing and I love the line work too. Yes, we will have to wait till the dust clears to see who will win this fight. May the best bunny win hee hee hee!!!

  26. theartofpuro Says:

    Thanks very much for your comment and kind words,yes I’m coming out from my loss ,even if late,love this illustration is so funny

  27. Oh my goodness, you are talented! Look how much action and noise I can just see and hear by looking at this! SO great!

  28. valgalart Says:

    haha isn’t that the truth!!! Really excellent idea and execution, they are a cute family 🙂

  29. bobo&julia Says:

    Hehe, everyone reacted, only the cat living in his own world, cool!
    It’s amazing to see so many expressions in one illustration, you’re cool too, Linda!

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