May 20, 2009



I might not be the brightest kid
I know I’m not courageous
but that awful bird and swine thing,
is really quite contagious
I think I might have caught it,
so I need to ask some things.
Will my nose get long and piglike,
and my shoulders sprout out wings?
I guess I shouldn’t worry,
and make a big tadoo,
because all that would happen
the same day that swine flu.


I might not be the brightest kid,
I know I’m not courageous,
but that awful bird and swine thing,
is really quite contagious!

I think I might have caught it,
so I need to ask some things.
Will my nose become all piglike,
and my shoulders sprout out wings?

I guess I shouldn’t worry,
and make a big to-do,
because those things would happen,
the same day that “swine flu”.

– Linda Silvestri


This week’s Illustration Friday prompt is (oddly (0;) “Contagious.”


37 Responses to “contagious”

  1. Vhrsti Says:

    This is my favorite on this topic. Idea and execution are absolutely perfect!

  2. Mary Says:

    Really great image – I love it!

  3. artseafartsea Says:

    Great idea. Original.

  4. Jess Says:

    Oh I love the piggies, twisting and turning in the air!x

  5. Linda Says:

    Such a great response! Love your pigs–they’re too cute to be dangerous!

  6. Mark cavell Says:

    Wonderful words and delightful drawing.
    Top take on the theme.

  7. Awesome Linda! Great perspective too. Poor little piggies :o)

  8. Tee hee hee… when pigs fly… hee hee

    Your piggies are adorable, albeit a bit bumpy. A little Calamine might help or even cover considering they’re already pink!!

    Clever prose Linda… as excellent as ever!

  9. Gaia Says:

    I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who thought of swine flu… even if your is so much funnier! So glad to be back reading your blog, it never fails to give me a good laugh 😀

  10. brine blank Says:

    That is pretty funny…great illustration…

  11. Nicola Says:

    Well, uplifting, to say the least!!! Brilliant, I love it! : )

  12. Absolutely hilarious! Those piggies are awesome!

  13. damon Says:

    nice drawing

    i like

  14. artseafartsea Says:

    Oh yeah, the little ditty is pretty right on. You r getting to be quite the writer.

  15. Susan Says:

    Heh, so that’s what they mean by “Hog Heaven”. Delightful treatment and that poem is a keeper (as opposed to the underwhelming flu itself).

  16. kathy hare Says:

    Brilliant Linda! and you’ve also managed to make those poor infected piggies look elegant and beautiful! wonderful work..

  17. valgalart Says:

    Truly inspired! There is a flying pig in Topanga 🙂

  18. Absolutely adorable! Great poem too.

  19. tusen Says:

    Linda, they look so happy and graceful. Great way to colour their bodies, too.

  20. Loni Edwards Says:

    Oh I love this! Well done! 🙂

  21. Vicki Says:

    Such a poet you are . . .

  22. erin Says:

    oh you are so funny and clever (love the limerick and the celestial piggies).

    my hubby got his side of the plane quarantined in japan because he had the sniffles, he swore he wasn’t packing any piggies in his luggage.

  23. yoon see Says:

    I really love your pink sunny angel piggies flying so freely up the sky:)
    Hop and fly!

    Saying bye from Malaysia!
    Take care sketchout!

  24. studio lolo Says:

    I’m pretty sure you’re my most clever friend ever!!
    I haven’t done the past 2 “IF”s and I’m having withdrawl. Hopefully this week.
    Thank God I can come here and get my fix!!

    I love this 🙂

  25. theartofpuro Says:

    Wonderful as always,they are lovely and their expression are angelic

  26. froggie Says:

    SKETCHIE!!! is that redhead with the toonie, YOU, with those awesome curls? and do they just DO that for you, naturally? wow! you lucky lucky puppy! i suppose i’d be the um, post pool version of you. red, but not nearly as bouncy, kind of long and droopy red. not a curl in sight. “))

    love love this trio o spotted piggies! ‘specially their tapered piggie feet! 🙂

  27. Pickledog Says:

    Oooh.. the fun is contagious. Great idea, and a very creative twist. The little flappy wings are super cute. Am I seeing things, or have you been using some digital brushes? Digital, or not, your work is always fantastic Linda, and you may have created the next culinary treat. Bacon wings!

  28. What a wonderful flying pigs!
    I love this illo


  29. dot Says:

    I never got around to doing ‘contagious’, but i was thinking swine flu too! but your take is much better than the one I had in my head 🙂

  30. Mary Says:

    Love it! LOL! “Swine Flu” is so much cooler than “when pigs fly” Great drawing!

  31. Faruffa Says:

    I was sure to find here the most creative!!!!!!!

  32. Kelly Light Says:

    Awesome! Art and poetry- rocks

  33. chickengirl Says:

    Seriously!! I hope you are putting a book together with all your poems and artwork..right? right?!?

  34. Hahaha! great verse, I guess that will happen when “swine flu” cheers from the land of the swine-human flu 😀 bye.

  35. Nancy Lefko Says:

    you are SO talented….you need to publish an illustrated book of poems !!!! 🙂

  36. bobo&julia Says:

    Oh pinky pinky pigs flying with their little wings, hearts shape drawn in my eyes, ignoring the swellings on their bodies, ^o^!
    You’re so good in interpreting words! Love the poem so much!

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