May 26, 2009


Murgatroyd was just your average, run-of-the-mill Easter bunny, until that fateful day he hopped into Bob’s Music Center, picked up his very first axe and felt the pure, raw, egg-cracking power of the Flying V.


I was looking for some excuse to post M-Royd again and although it’s a bit of a stretch I found one with this week’s Illustration Friday theme “cracked.” (sigh) I love it when a plan comes together.


15 Responses to “cracked”

  1. fadas & c.ª Says:

    Ups! There it goes the easter eggs!… He’s really feeling the music! Love the detail of the earring!

  2. Now all he needs is some bunnyliner and a wacked out haircut and he could be the next contender on Bunny Idol!!

    Good plan… very good plan!

  3. dinesh Says:

    LOL, rock on wild bunny!!! :O
    neat wrist belt hehe

  4. Liza Says:

    So cute – I love the way he is naked apart from his wrist band and earring!

  5. yoon see Says:

    Yeah so sporty and cool. Sensational rocking session!
    Thanks, I must follow on, ha you are a great lead!

  6. Vicki Says:

    Dude, you rock!
    (You too, Linda . . . )


  7. Duncan Lee Says:

    Fantastic! Very cool bunny rock!

  8. theartofpuro Says:

    Wonderful and funny

  9. Pickledog Says:

    I love a Hannibal quote. M-Royd is rock’n’ out, and I like it.

  10. erin Says:

    to make rock n’roll ya gotta crack some eggs!!

  11. Faruffa Says:

    great cracked, great character … love the piercing!!!

  12. Mary Says:

    LOL! Hilarious! Hope he gets a band together for us in the future?

  13. studio lolo Says:

    It makes me happy when M-Royd does an encore 😉
    How’s it going’ Sketchie??
    Miss you!!


  14. Anju Says:

    Love your work as always!!

  15. bobo&julia Says:

    Yeah you rock, Mr. Bunny!

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