June 16, 2009


If her clothes hadn’t ended up unfolded, severely stretched out and reeking of wet dog, Sheila Sheepington-Fleecewater might have had less of a problem with the wolf borrowing them.


One would use this saying to describe a person or thing appearing to be good but is actually, in fact, bad. There seems to be a few different ideas about it’s origin, but here is what Wikipedia has to say about it.

This week’s Illustration Friday theme is “unfold”. 



30 Responses to “unfold”

  1. Loni Edwards Says:

    Oh thanks for the giggle! The expressions are spectacular on this one! Love the whole look of the sheep,, my eyes went to him first. Great job!

  2. Vhrsti Says:

    Great work! Brilliant and funny!

  3. cata Says:

    OH!!! I want those sheep’s shoes.

  4. love it! i´m still giggling

  5. Rui Sousa Says:

    Fantastic, really nice work! Absolutely amazing!

  6. Indigene Says:

    Wonderful line work and their expressions are priceless…:)

  7. erin Says:

    umm Eau du Wet Dog, I wear it often

  8. valgalart Says:

    Well how perfect this is for the theme! your characters and style lend to this idea so beautifully 🙂

  9. froggie Says:

    wow. sheep have such little dainty feet. and such cute SHOES and negligees!! bwahahhahahahahahah!!! awesome as always, sketchie!

  10. Cheryl Lynn Says:

    This is just too funny. Your illustrations and writing are the best! I giggle long and hard whenever I visit you.


  11. The faces on this are priceless! Perfect execution of the characters!

  12. What a great sketch! Your animal expressions and body shapes/language are right on! I wouldn’t venture my next comment except that your piece is otherwise very strong: I think the dark cloud over the sheep is unnecessary. I think his expression is enough to show his annoyance and the cloud even distracts from the rest of the drawing. The clothing on the wolf is priceless. Nice details, especially the ruffle. -Jenn.

  13. Natalí Says:

    These characers are fantastic!

  14. Jess Says:

    I like it! I\’ve had a similar \’take\’ on the word too. I\’m waiting for it to dry then I\’ll post!x

  15. Mary Says:

    Great expressions! And I love the sheep’s shoes!!

  16. Oh my god… look at the shoes, look at the shoes!!! Hahaha!! LOl.

    You are amazing Linda! This piece is fantastic!!!!! One of my favorite of yours!!!

  17. Holly Main Says:

    This is fantastic, I love it! The pissed off sheep, the wolf’s ponch sticking over the ill fitting clothing and the sheep shoes in the closet, absolutely great 🙂

  18. yoon see Says:

    Wow! So fulfilling to look at their expression sketched out:)
    I super look the shoes here.
    Please reserve one for me:)
    Wow! So fast, we have reached almost the second half of the year, that’s how times unfold……
    Happy days, months and years as always!

  19. carli Says:

    that’s great! your art always cracks me up.

  20. artseafartsea Says:

    Great work. U always did have that whimsical take on things.

  21. Liza Says:

    This warmed my heart!

  22. Angela Says:

    Wonderful sketch!!!! You’ve captured the moment perfectly with the most lovable characters! Such a great storybook quality here. 🙂

  23. Hee hee hee hee! This is a total SCREAM!!!! I love it! The looks on their faces are priceless and yes it speaks to me! I would love to see a whole book illustrated by you. I know it would be a HOOOOOOT!!! You have captured such a moment I would love to see it all colored in too, but the bones are just beautiful as well. Great job!!!! Have a cheesey day on me!! hee he he!

  24. faruffa Says:

    So clever and so well done!!!

  25. Cheryl Lynn Says:

    Thank you so much for stopping by! And the kind words from you are priceless! Speaking of names, I forgot to tell you how much I simply adore Sheila Sheepington-Fleecewater. That’s easily the best name I’ve EVER heard!

  26. Marilyn K Says:

    the sheeps shoes are hilarious haha…well drawn 🙂

  27. kissmyspatula Says:

    wow wow wow – your drawings are simply wonderful. i love them all and am so happy i found your site!

  28. the SHOES and the expressions are hilarious!


  29. dot Says:

    that is just too funny. Great expressions, too! Sorry I haven’t stopped by lately… life has been busy! great to catch up 🙂

  30. studiololo Says:

    I actually LOVE the fuming stream above the sheep’s head 😉 it may not be necesary because you get facial expressions so right on, but the graphic adds to the feel of the illo (imho.)
    The whole thing is spectacular. And I hate it when Emma wears my clothes after she’s gotten wet. Ewwwwww, wet dog, bad dog.


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