July 30, 2009


The Illustration Friday theme for this week is “idle”, and I have to say, these dog days of summer, when temperatures rise to triple digits, tend to leave one in somewhat of an idle stupor. However, I managed to shake loose from my torpor for a moment in order to reintroduce these little chickadees.Β 

Of course, last time I posted these hot chicks, I got some… shall we say… interesting hits on my blog.

Go figure.


So, I finally swallowed hard and registered for the SCBWI conference next week in L.A. It’ll be my first time attending and I have to admit, I’m a wee bit nervous. But it should be informative, inspiring and fun, especially if some of my blogging buddies happen to be there. So, are any of you wonderful, talented people headed that way on August 7th? Let me know. It would be fun to meet up!


19 Responses to “idle”

  1. raim Says:

    i love this chicks… great job

  2. Afi Says:

    Haha! I love those hot chicks, they are adorable πŸ™‚ And your blog is so lovely!

  3. Nessa Dee Says:

    This is too funny! Nice job!

  4. artseafartsea Says:

    Love the “Hot Chicks.” I don’t remember them. Certainly worth repeating.

  5. How I wish I could go and meet you there Linda!!! We could toast with a Lemon drop Martini!
    Are you displaying your portfolio?
    I wish you much much luck and fun…. you deserve it… you chicky you!!!

    Please tell us all about it when you get back!!

  6. Cheryl Lynn Says:

    Congrats on going to the conference. I wish I could be there with you. I haven’t joined yet, but I plan to as soon as my finances allow.

    The hot chicks are marvelous! The looks on their faces are priceless and the one who fainted is just my favorite.

    Hot chicks are cool!
    Have a great day, my dear.

  7. shirley Says:

    Dear Linda! I wish you all the best at the conference..something that i just discovered that I want to attend someday soon..I know that you have great things in store for you – your work speaks so LOUDLY that you are a true talent. I thank you for your most kind words of encouragement at my blog. Your words encourage me so much. Thank you, thank you.

    I’ll look forward to hearing what you thought about your experience at the conference!! Have a wonderful time.

  8. deb Says:

    You’re going to have such a great time at the conference Linda! I went 2 years ago and it was so inspirational. The speakers are fabulous and the break out groups are full of information. I wanted to go this year but couldn’t squeeze it in. Hope you’re showing a portfolio…your work is fantastic!

  9. dot Says:

    fabulous! love the idea and the execution!

  10. Jess Says:

    Hahaha! Brilliant as usual! πŸ˜€

  11. cAro Says:

    your chicks are so great, I love them! Mostly the one on center, which look particularly disgusted:) And your blog is so lovely, even if I don’t understand all you say… I hope you will understand my bad english! πŸ™‚

  12. chickengirl Says:

    hehehe! Their expressions are priceless! You are always so good with that!
    Have a wonderful time at the SCBWI conference. Never been to the one in LA (only the winter one in NY) but the LA one is suppose to be ALOT better! Let us know how it goes!

  13. Angela Says:

    Ha!!! lol That melted chick with the tongue out just slays me!

  14. Nancy Lefko Says:

    you bring new and fun images to everyday sayings….you have such a gift of wit and talent !!! πŸ™‚

  15. afalchi Says:

    Hi, nice blog and nice sketches.
    Keep nice.

  16. Thinking of you… hoping you’re having a great time at the conference!

    BTW… I have a blog award for you!

  17. emily Says:

    Sweet chicks! Any hotter and they’d be dinner!
    Hope you enjoyed the conference!

  18. Pickledog Says:

    Whoo-whoo.. I’m not sure I should be looking at hot chicks on the net. Cute and outragious all rolled up in one. Have a great time at the conference!

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