October 13, 2009


Constantly looking over here shoulder, Zeldalina was more concerned about where she’d been than where she actually was at the moment. A tad hazardous while flitting around on a broom, wouldn’t you say?

So our lesson for the day is what?
Our lesson for the day is: Live in the moment… or end up as a Halloween decoration, wrapped around your neighbor’s tree.

The end.

26 Responses to “flying”

  1. Kaveri Says:

    Im loving your character.The bunny slippers take the cake!

  2. Rui Sousa Says:

    Excellent work, just amazing! Congratulations!

  3. kseverny Says:

    nice illustartion

  4. Loni Edwards Says:

    OMG I love her bunny slippers! The expression on her face says it all doesn’t it? ๐Ÿ™‚ Great illo!

  5. faruffa Says:

    you’ve guessed her expression perfectly, and slippers are just amazing!!!

  6. dave Says:

    Loved this–the look on her face, and those awesome slippers. Ha!

  7. emily Says:

    Truly no good witch with any sense would leave the house without her bunny slippers!
    I love it!

  8. paula Says:

    Hee hee! I love the illo…as well as the lesson-learned!

  9. Hee hee… I saw a relative of hers here in Texas on the side of tall pine tree….. splat!!! Poor dear!

    Seems we both had green witchy poos on the brain this week!

  10. Tracey Says:

    A witch with bunny slippers!! She is beautifully drawn as well.

  11. valgalart Says:

    the slippers had me at hello ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Vicki Says:

    A triumph!

  13. artseafartsea Says:

    She is a real cutie. Love the slippers. Like the Harried Housewife. LOL

  14. Well, I’d like to know where Zeldalina got her slippers. Hee.. hee ;o)

    Awesome job as usual Linda!!!!


  15. Zeldalina left the house in a hurry then!! Love this!

  16. Cheryl Lynn Says:

    Her bunny slippers are off the chain! This is amazing. The color is sooooo vibrant! Great illustration, my dear.

  17. elizabeth Says:

    what fun! The bunny slippers are a lovely, unexplained, quirky detail. And the rich colors in her robe are beautiful.

  18. yisin Says:

    Ehehe… she wear a bunny slipper!!! so cute!!!

  19. theartofpuro Says:

    Awesome! And the details are perfect!

  20. brine blank Says:

    I really like the subtle ‘veining’ you have on the background and in the fabric…watercolor????

  21. sketched out Says:

    Thanks all y’all for stopping by and all your kind comments… and it looks like the impulse to put bunny slippers on Zeldalina was met with favorable reviews, hee hee!

    Hey Brine, thanks for the comment on the “veining.” Actually it’s digital and I’ve been playing around and exploring with ps brushes and textures of late. The veining is actually scrunched up wax paper, scanned and then applied over the image with color modes applied and opacity taken back. Textures rule! They add some randomness, usually hard to get in digital painting.

  22. bobo&julia Says:

    O yes, I love her bunny slippers too, but her red hair make me think of you, Linda, ^o^

  23. eugeniagina Says:

    nice philosophy Linda, and now let me enjoy my precious moment with a cup of addictive coffee.. aaah!
    ^_* and I think she should return the slippers to the bunny *must be from one of your silly willy Bunny character eh..? ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. Jannie Says:

    looks like she went out of the house forgetting to change out of her bunny slippers…haha

  25. Mary Says:

    superb! So funny…

  26. Mary Says:

    Love the bunny slippers! That will make her standout wherever she flies!

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