advent calendar – day 7

December 7, 2009


During this holiday season, many of us will be rushing from party to party, slugging down eggnog then carelessly ripping apart painstakingly wrapped presents. Afterwards we will, no doubt, be thanking Santa for all the lovely gifts bestowed upon us, giving him most the credit for the momentary glee we experience as we pile up our newly aquired swag.

Well, before you tear into that last box of See’s candy, I invite you to take a moment. Take a moment to think about the folks who worked tirelessly all year long, well into the wee hours of the morning, the people working behind the scenes making it all possible, the ones really responsible for that silly smile on your face

I’m speaking of course, of the elf.

Elves, the unsung heroes of Christmas. Elves, their voices must be heard.  So again, please take a moment. Think of them in their ill fitting, green suits and their pointy little shoes. Think of how their elfin efforts make Mr. Kringle look good. Think of the elves. That’s all they really want – just a moment. A moment of recognition.

A moment of recognition, and maybe an extra cookie set out on the table Christmas Eve night. (They don’t really eat much.)

Thank you, this has been a Public Service Announcement, paid for by E.L.F.S. (Elves Looking for Sympathy.)


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14 Responses to “advent calendar – day 7”

  1. artseafartsea Says:

    Very cute. I didn’t realize the elfs were so important. Good u r calling to our attention.

  2. Vicki Says:

    I agree with your mama. Love his toe bells.

  3. Have you heard the song, “The Elf’s Lament” by Barenaked Ladies & Michael Buble? Definitely be nice to the elf cause they’re going on strike otherwise!

  4. I’m racing by with a computer that keeps crashing so briefly ….love them all – keep em coming!!

  5. Jessie Says:

    Elves eh? Methinks it’s us women! 😉

  6. studio lolo Says:

    I’ve been sooooo absent and you’ve been soooooo busy!!

    Okay, I think this is an amazingly brillliant idea! Opening the window and seeing the inside. You so rock!!

    The stinky cat butt made me laugh out loud 😀

    Oh my, now that I’m a bit settled in I have to remember to come see you.

    Miss you deeply girlfriend! Keep on keepin’ on because you’re on one big fat roll!!


  7. erin Says:

    Over? Did you say ‘over’? Nothing is over until we decide it is! …I always confuse Herbie the Elf with Bluto.

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  9. Cheryl Lynn Says:

    Um, yeah, the Elves…okay.

    I love the sympathy plea. They are really working those big expressive elf eyes.

    You are most hilarious, lady!

  10. elizabeth Says:

    I too wanted to mention “The Elf’s Lament” by the Barenaked Ladies. It’s brilliant, as is your illustration (and the advent calendar idea! so cool!)

  11. Ok where do I send my donation…..
    Love it!!!!

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  14. Mary Says:

    I’ll definitely leave a few extra cookies for this cute little guy and his friends.

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