January 2, 2010

Post-holiday Doldrumoid (as seen through a microscope.)


The beginning of the year renewal process never arrives without some minor inconveniences. This year is no different and the inconvenience comes in the form of a furry, horned, jingle-belled pest known as the Post-holiday Doldrumoid.

To find out more about this year’s unwelcome guest and pick up some helpful hints on how to cope with him and his kind, click this link and stop by the Doodle Diner… and pick up some delicious doodles whilst you’re there.

23 Responses to “renewal”

  1. Prunella Says:

    Awwww. This is about the sweetest most saddest thing I’ve ever seen. [snif]

  2. Cheryl Lynn Says:

    Oh my, is there any way to cheer him up?

  3. Vicki Says:

    I like the Doldrumoid’s pretty share of green.

  4. Isaac Says:

    I like the character! Great emotion…way to start the new year with a terrific illustration!

  5. khwhitaker Says:

    ohhhh, I love him, so sad and cute

  6. Susan Says:

    Love this poor guy – that’s how lots of us feel after a party! Really enjoying your blog and espcially your Advent Calendar – Happy New Year!

  7. artseafartsea Says:

    He’s a real cutie.

  8. Susan Says:

    I wonder what the Ancient Mariner would make of this…non-albatross.

  9. TIna Poe Says:

    Aww sad and cute.

  10. Dayle Benson Says:

    I love your characters. They have so much personality.
    Happy New Year

  11. cat w Says:

    aww poor guy.. but awesome illo!

  12. jack foster Says:

    I love this poor guy! Cheer up Mr. Doldrumoid, 2010 will be great! Love your imagination! .. and your character ROCKS!!! Happy New Year!

  13. Jessie Says:

    Salad and the gym? No thanks. I feel his pain.

  14. I saw him hiding in my house yesterday! Flitting about hiding with the dust bunnies!!!
    So I got my broom and shooed him away! Bye Bye Doldrumoid!

  15. I understand how he feels! Such a cute little Doldrumoid!

  16. Sandygrafik Says:

    What a nice and adorable little monster!!
    The colors are so beautiful! Can’t stop looking at him ♥

  17. erin Says:

    my kitty keeps them away, she’s a great doldrumoid hunter.

  18. tom Says:

    Nice little character… Don’t let him get you too down. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! 🙂

  19. Mary Jane Says:

    Your little green fellow seems to need a hug.
    What a beautiful blog of wonderful illustrations.
    Is it OK if I list you as one of my favourites?

  20. faruffa Says:

    He is adorable, so sad and disconsolate!!!
    Thank you for your dear words on my blog :o)
    Happy 2010, a big hug Faruffa :o)

  21. dinesh Says:

    haha, sweet lil fella!
    Happy new year, sketched out!! May all your dreams and innermost desires be fulfilled in wonderful ways! and hope to see lots more of your awesome sketches n drawings in this brand new year! take care and God bless you.

  22. studio lolo Says:

    oh man, I’ve been feeling like him way too much lately 😦

    I’m back though and ready to take on the world!!

    Well, maybe not the world 😉

  23. Emily Says:

    So that’s what he looks like… I think he visited me a bit but I never got a good look!
    Now I know what to look out for! I’ll put Zoe and Dante on patrol!
    (They say hi by the by and send you lots of bunny love… to be interpreted freely…hum hum…)

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