star gazing

August 13, 2010

Must be a Friday the 13th thing!

27 Responses to “star gazing”

  1. pati Says:

    lol this is so cool. One of my two favorites this week!

  2. Vicki Says:

    Oooooh. L.O.V.E I.T.
    You are so talented.

  3. Anita Says:

    This is cool!The monster is rather sweet!Fantastic illo!:-)

  4. Can’t a fella catch a break… He just wants to be part of the kids club! Too cute Linda!

  5. khwhitaker Says:

    I didn’t even realize it had been Friday the 13th. Great illustration. I really love that monster character, he is too funny! love, love, love it.

  6. erin Says:

    “monsters are such interesting people”

  7. Dayle Benson Says:

    That’s great. You have so much talent

  8. bobo Says:

    I love the monster, I can feel that he has a soft gentle heart hide in his giant body! Love the three kids too, great expressions!
    Fabulous work again, Linda! Looooove it!

  9. jack foster Says:

    Linda! This is so amazing! I love the monster…. and the individual expressions on each kids face. Priceless! And the lighting in all directions. Cool! You are such a talent!!!

  10. Okay, okay…you are simply amazing! I love the look on the monster’s face and that of the little boy! This is hilarious. Love it, love it, love it!

  11. This is darling. Many layers of things to look at.

  12. I like this a lot! The little details and gestures make it such a delight.

  13. Brilliant!!!!! Congrats on a job well done!

  14. Oh, just fantastic!!! Colour is great and they all have such character. Missed seeing your posts!

  15. lynn gurniak Says:

    It’s just to cool!

  16. shirley Says:

    Awesome!! Great concept and love the execution – your characters are super!!

  17. Linda Says:

    Love it! Especially the light and colors. No wait, maybe especially the drawing of the characters? Or the action? Um, I think I just like the whole thing. It makes me smile.

  18. Laura Zarrin Says:

    Love this illo! So fun & unexpected!!!!

  19. brine blank Says:

    Great lighting effect and depth on this…and tops on the character design…

  20. Kevin Parks Says:

    I had to come back for another look, great job!

  21. emily Says:

    Rather impish for such a big fellow! Wonderful story in this image, and great colors to boot!

  22. studio lolo Says:

    I just love life from your perspective!!!

    I just remembered you emailed me. I have had 2 sets of back to back international company and I am WIPED out 😛

    I’ll catch up soon! Meanwhile,check out my Frida post if you have a moment. The painting was a gift to a blogger friend who visited me from Holland.

    big hugs girlfriend!!♥

  23. Monica Says:

    That monster looks like he’s a sweetie (he just wants to be friends!)

    I love the colors and light effects!

    Linda, I saw that you attended the SCBWI conference in LA. It sounds like it was a fantastic conference. 🙂

  24. Eric Barclay Says:

    Outstanding characters, and great facial expressions!

  25. I love this! I didn’t show Sophia, she’s already begun to believe in monsters.

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