November 29, 2010

I’m really going to savour finally being finished with my submission for They Draw And Cook’s holiday recipe contest. And right in the nick of time too.

Speaking of savour (this week’s Illustration Friday theme), you’ll want to savor the salty, spicey, sweet flavor of these little gems.

Make some, they’re easy!

Oh, yes, and if you want, give a little click to get a better look.

19 Responses to “savour”

  1. I love all the little actions and expressions of the pecans…their little santa hats…love it. Well done.

  2. This is brilliant Linda!! Love it.. you are gonna win, you are gonna win!! Hee hee… :o)

  3. faruffa Says:

    Wooooow this is so wonderful!!!

  4. Fabulous illo! I’m a big fan of TDAC too and have submitted several recipes over the past year. The recipe is one I’ll absolutely try.

  5. Heather Says:

    oooh, I love these little nuts! what a sweet recipe illustration, wow. love it!

  6. elizabeth Says:

    I’ve wanted to illustrate recipes for a while now. This piece is an inspiration!

  7. khwhitaker Says:

    lovvvvvvvve this Linda, superior as always! And so much better than my idea, I wish I had your imagination!!!

  8. Dot Says:

    Awesome! I’m going to link to this on 🙂

  9. valgalart Says:

    soooo wonderful and yummy to boot 😉

  10. Vicki Says:

    Very, very awesome. Love ya.

  11. theartofpuro Says:

    I have no words:)It’s amazing!Love it,so funny:)

  12. Loni Edwards Says:

    I am wishing you this best of luck, this is wonderful! 🙂

  13. I love your illustration – all those little pecan expressions are so funny! I think I must try that recipe too!

  14. michele Says:

    Aw, nuts! This is just too clever! And so delightfully delicious! :o)

  15. khwhitaker Says:

    I keep having to come back and look at this again, that’s how much I love it. I think I need to take lessons from you! Your characters are just so fun, and I would never think of this, you are so very clever.

  16. It looks so delightful I want to eat it all up! The colors are SO SO SO nice! You work never fails to surprise and amaze!

  17. bobo & julia Says:

    Oooooo Linda! You made a recipe so much fun to look at! YOU’LL WIN!

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