2011 SCBWI Summer Conference

August 16, 2011

*Check out some of my talented conference buddies’ sites when you get a chance: Angela Matteson, Kristi Valiant, Kelly Light, Casey Girard, Diandra MaeJim Hill,

8 Responses to “2011 SCBWI Summer Conference”

  1. lil kim Says:

    great post Linda! It’s like I was there … 🙂

  2. sketched out Says:

    Thanks Kim. Glad you liked it, and I wish you WERE there!

  3. Awesome Possom!!! I sure wish I could’ve gone this year! Glad you got to review with Laurent Linn! Isn’t he the greatest!
    Looks like your weekend was filled with happiness and inspiration!!

  4. sketched out Says:

    Roberta, I remembered you had a wonderful review with Laurent Linn and was excited to talk to him. He really is wonderful!

  5. sketched out Says:

    Ok, did I mention wonderful, hee hee.

  6. Karen Lee Says:

    Awesome post! It’s almost like being there.

  7. Super sweet to meet you, Linda! I’m so glad you had your portfolio review with Laurent – I did too. And that was at least my third time having a critique with him. Every time he’s able to pinpoint how my work has grown better and how to jump up to the next level. Great caricatures, btw. I draw the speakers in my notes too – it really helps in remembering the talks.

  8. Trisha Says:

    Linda, can’t wait to hear all about it. Looks like you had a blast.

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