SkADaMo Day 2

November 4, 2011

Realizing for some time now that weasels were quite underrepresented on my blog, I set off this morning to sketch one for SkADaMo. It also came to my attention today that the Illustration Friday theme this week was “stripes”.

I suppose I could have sketched a striped weasel, but opted for this snazzy t-shirt instead.

I feel good about the decision.

Oh, I also came up with my fourth PiBoIdMo idea early today!

So, smell me, eh?


17 Responses to “SkADaMo Day 2”

  1. Love the snazzy t-shirt!

  2. As a big supporter of striped t-shirts I love this! That’s one cool weasel! Which may be a phrase the weasel community doesn’t hear enough due to the human smear campaign against their species,

  3. sketched out Says:

    Yep, the weasel is very underrated as a cute critter. I mean, how cute are they, with their wiggly lil bodies and squeaky voices? Add a striped t-shirt and fuggetaboudit!

  4. Smell u is right. Cute weasel.

  5. Cindy D. Says:

    Oh my, what an attitude! Great drawing. Love the pose and the look in his eye.

  6. Leo the Yardie Chick Says:

    He looks gorgeous in those stripes. 😀

  7. ucuspucus Says:

    Hahaha =)) I wonder what it’s up to next…
    I like very much all your other characters, especially the cantankerous Joey :))

  8. Love it! This is clearly a seafaring weasel – Long John perhaps?

  9. khwhitaker Says:

    he’s wonderful, love his attitude 🙂

  10. Indigene Says:

    That weasel has such a self-satisfied expression! Now that’s confidence. Lol! Cool illustration!

  11. Hee hee – he’s got ‘tude! 😉

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