SkADaMo Day 11

November 13, 2011

It’s late and I’m barely squeaking a SkADaMo sketch in tonight.

So I leave you with this dancing wombat; yet another underrepresented critter on my blog.

Go wombat! Go wombat! Go wombat!

5 Responses to “SkADaMo Day 11”

  1. erin Says:

    The fighting wombats… I surprised it’s not a school mascot, if the banana slug can make it why not the wombat?

  2. alex colombo Says:

    OMG, how adorable this little one is!!! Love it!

  3. happygirl Says:

    I have been browsing your site…. I love your characters and sketches!! Did you obtain a design/illustration degree to begin doing graphic design for a living, or have you taught yourself along the way and built a portfolio…. I am interested in working in design/illustration, but don’t know if I have the time/money to go back to get another degree anytime soon.

  4. artseafartsea Says:

    This guy is adorable! Keep em coming.

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