HoHoDooDa Day 10

December 10, 2011

A third of the way through! Woooooo!

Mosey on over and check out Marion and Laura‘s fabulous HoHoDooDa work.

HoHoDooDa Day 9

December 9, 2011

For more HoHoDooDa frivolity check out the awesome Marion and Laura.

Go on.

You know you want to.

HoHoDooDa Day 8

December 8, 2011

A quick, down and dirty, punny sketch tonight. But, at least I’m 8 for 8… pant pant pant!

Check out the awesome ladies of HoHoDooDa, Marion and Laura. They are bad ass!

HoHoDooDa Day 7

December 7, 2011

A busy day today, which included attending a Superhero Life Drawing class at, get this, a comic book store. I was in geek heaven!

So I don’t suppose you’ll ever guess what inspired tonight’s doodle.

So swing on by Marion and Laura’s respective places and see what kind of HoHoDooDa whimsy they have in store for you!

HoHoDooDa Day 6

December 6, 2011

When you get a chance, check out Marion and Laura’s and their HoHoDooDa posts. You won’t be sorry!

HoHoDooDa Day 5

December 5, 2011

… and I’m still with the puns!

So far so good with the HoHoDooDa… but it’s early yet.

When you get a chance, check out Marion and Laura’s HoHoDooDa posts. You won’t be sorry!

I did it!

December 5, 2011

I’m a bit behind on everything theses days. Can’t believe I forgot to brag that I finished the PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month) challenge, which makes me a winner!!

Winners get this cute-as-a-lightening-bug’s-ear winner’s badge, created by Bonnie Adamson and also a notebook full of at least 30 picture book ideas!

Myself, I have exactly 30, no more and no less and I am thrilled! This is the biggest cache of ideas I’ve had in… well… ever! Thanks to Tara Lazar, creator and host of PiBoIdMo and all the participants who became quite the community of cheerleaders for each other.

Due in large part to all these terrific folks I now have at least 5 ideas that I am pretty excited about, another 5 or 6 nuggets that have potential. The rest I consider “seedlings” or “meh” ideas that might possibly turn into or perhaps lead to “aha!”  ideas somewhere down the line.

So now, just to keep the ball rolling, myself and several others will be participating in 12×12 in 2012, clever brainchild of Julie Hedlund. We’ll be taking our 12 favorite picture book ideas from the 30 and drafting them out through the year. One a month is the goal.

Can I do it?

That remains to be seen. But my guess is, I’ll have a lot more done by the end of this year than I would have without these challenges and the wonderful support of the kid lit community participating.

Weeeee! It’s going to be a productive year, I can feel it!

HoHoDooDa Day 4

December 4, 2011

Ouch, I know, really pushing the pun thing today.

Can’t help it.

I like the puns.

But, for more holiday fun, some awesome illustration and possibly less pun-ridden sentiments, stop by and check out Marion and Laura’s HoHoDooDa shenanigans!

HoHoDooDa Day 3

December 3, 2011

… and for more Holiday fun you really should check out Marion and Laura’s HoHoDooDa doodles!

HoHoDooDa Day 2

December 2, 2011

Squeaking a super quick doodle in at the last possible minute! Spent the day running from one holiday even to the next.

Don’t you just love little kids performing Christmas singing shows? There’s always one taking it all very seriously. Then there is the one who pretty much phones it in. If you’re lucky, there’s the token ham, stealing the scene. And, of course, the one poor little guy who completely chokes. You can tell who he/she  is by the lack of singing or movement and the look of abject terror in they’re eyes. It wouldn’t be a Christmas show without them.

Check out fellow HoHoDooDa pals, Marion and Laura‘s fabulous posts (done at a reasonable hour today.) You wont’ be disappointed.

HoHoDooDa Day 1

December 1, 2011

As nutty as November was, what with SkADaMo and PiBoIdMo, it was just what the doctor ordered as far as a shot of creative, mojo-inducing stress. So when fellow illustrators, Marion Eldridge and Laura Jacobson approached me with yet another month-long sketch-a-thon, I couldn’t resist.

We’re calling it “Holiday Doodle A Day” or HoHoDooDa for short… hmmm, is it really shorter? I don’t know… but hey, there you have it!

So we’re going to do our best to create a doodle a day… or every other day… or as often as humanly possible, throughout December.

Wish us luck and Happy Holidays!!!