May 19, 2012

Once Arlo had it in his sights to master flying, there was no stopping him.

I don’t know much about owls, but I would imagine with such big peepers, this little fella’s eyesight would be incredible.

So, Illustration Friday, it’s been a while! Good to be back!

31 Responses to “sight”

  1. Welcome back. Your baby owl is charming!

  2. khwhitaker Says:

    love those big eyes 🙂 he’s too cute!

  3. Michele Says:

    He’s gorgeous!

  4. Vicki Says:

    Glad to have you back!

  5. I love that its a baby owl and so fuzzy. Nicely done!

  6. He’s adorable, I love his huge eyes and tiny wings! Beautiful ilustration, theres a real sense of texture to his feathers and claws 😀

  7. Anna Barrett Says:

    Haha. Oh god, this is so adorable. I used to think owls were overrated because everyone was drawing them, but this changed my mind. And the name Arlo sounds perfect for this little critter.

  8. Donna Martin Says:

    I have greatly missed your drawings…so glad you have returned and this little fellow is a cutie! He would fit right in with all the other cuties I put on my latest post…;0)

    Donna L Martin

  9. Chelsea Ward Says:

    Oh, I love him! I’ve been drawing owls a lot lately! This little guy is adorable, lovely work.

  10. Cindy D. Says:

    Oh my gosh, so cute! Love the little feet! He looks a bit worried about his flying ability but I think he can do it!

  11. artseafartsea Says:

    Love the lil guy/gal. Too cute.

  12. Judy Says:

    Lovin it!

  13. Awww it’s so sweet! Love it!

  14. Courtney Says:

    There’s been a few owls this week but I think this little guy is my favourite. Very cute.

  15. Agree with Courtney!

  16. dianastanciulescu Says:

    a baby owl must be the cutest thing ever invented :))
    your style makes this one even cuter. cute overload. love it!

  17. Aww! Arlo is a cutie! Hope the flying goes well for him!

  18. Love his eyes. Super cute owl. I know he’s probably supposed to be flying, but he kinda looks like he’s hopping and doesn’t have enough wing span to take off!

  19. Frances Cony Says:

    Fantastically shiny eyes. Sweet owlet too. Good luck with the flying!

  20. Orlando is so cute! I mentioned you in a blog post and wanted to share it with you. You can read about it at

  21. bobo Says:

    Oh! Here comes my favorite little thing in bird kingdom! Cute cute cute!!!

    Ps: My definition for owls: they’re cats with wings! ^o^

  22. Hobitute Says:

    So cute.. really a great piece of work.. as an art educator .. I really appreciate this ! Keep it up !

  23. Mary Says:

    He is so cute! I love owls and this one is adorable 🙂 I went to the eye doctor today and I think my eyes might look like that at the moment …LOL

  24. This is so CUTE…..

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