SkADaMo Day 2

November 2, 2012

Happy Dia De Los Muertos!

Actually, not sure that’s an appropriate salutation, but I do know that I love the art and culture of this Latino holiday! So in honor of the day and of all our dearly departed I thought I’d do a quick skeleton sketch… skeltch if you will.

Oh, and since this wee boy skeleton is so shyly presenting his gift, I thought maybe he’d like to toddle on over to Illustration Friday.


So, wow, quite a few ambitious sketchers decided to join in on the fun of SkADaMo! Welcome one and all!

Although there are absolutely no rules to this, (unless you count the rule that there are no rules,) there were a few questions.

Some wanted to know how to use the badge. I would say simply put the badge in the sidebar of your blog. If you want to link it up, maybe put the URL to the original SkADaMo post on my blog, so people can give it a gander and maybe join us:

Some wanted to know how we could keep track of each other’s posts as the days go by. Perhaps the folks who are joining could leave the URL where they will be posting their SkADaMo sketch, in the comments of this post and I will create a list that I will add to the end of each of my daily posts. (Please note that I will be out of town until Tuesday, so I probably won’t get to this until then. Thanks guys!)

How to organize the sketch posts? Perhaps we could also add the tag SkADaMo to each post, which will be the static link that I’ll use for the list of everyone.

If anyone has an idea of something that would work better, please let me know. This is just a very easy, breezy, unorganized thingy. So, pretty much anything goes. But if we can make it easier to keep in touch and be inspired by each other and root each other on, that is all the better!

And that my dears is the extent of my organizational skills! I am spent, spent I tell you! (0;