SkADaMo Day 7

November 7, 2012

Watching the detectives.

This is an old illustration that I’ve re-sketched in an effort to hone my new digital pencil skills.

And, yes, I  know, I missed a day. But, come on, yesterday was a pretty big deal! I was distracted.


I’ll try to include the list of sketchers on every one of my SkADaMo posts throughout the month. Otherwise, there are no other rules, regulations, themes, daily words, Facebook pages or anything else resembling organization. Just lots of sketching, commenting back and forth and hopefully lots of inspiration and craft honing!

If I forgot anyone, misspelled anyone’s name or any other heinous act was performed, please let me know and I’ll do my best to correct it.

Carry on sketchers!



















13 Responses to “SkADaMo Day 7”

  1. Chase Says:

    awesome 🙂 it looks quite authentic even though it’s digital O_o

  2. I’ve been working on digital penciling as well. Not easy! Santa needs to drop a Cintiq in my stocking.

  3. Nicely done, Linda! Does not look digital at all, not easy. Over the years teaching digital painting, I built several pencils I liked fairly well in Photoshop and Painter, but for the last year I have gone back to REAL pencils. Nothing comes close, at least to me. And then there is at least a pencil original to sell. 🙂

  4. Alison Hertz Says:

    Linda, I love the cat and mouse!

    I use digital pencil and an airbrush with shades of grey a lot for sketching on my ipad with Sketchbook Pro. I haven’t used Photoshop enough yet to be comfortable with it but I’m watching Will Terry videos to learn it.

  5. sketched out Says:

    Thanks Alison! I haven’t tried sketching on the iPad yet. Will Terry’s videos are great for learning about digital painting. Good for you!

  6. Oh oh oh oh – how did I miss this one! Love it! PS, mice leave other little clues behind, I’m sorry to know, of a more disgusting nature!

  7. I think this one might be my favorite of your sketches so far 🙂 It’s adorable, funny and has lots going on in it. Nice job Linda!

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