SkADaMo Day 9

November 9, 2012


Going from digital pencil to an actual pencil is eye opening. So much scanning and cleaning and tweaking and oy! But I will always have a soft spot for my good old, soft leaded pencil.


So for more sketchy goodness, why not check out my fellow SkADaMoers here. Oh, and if I’ve left anyone out or I have the wrong link or what not, give me a shout!

19 Responses to “SkADaMo Day 9”

  1. debjohnson Says:

    So cute…and so true 🙂 It’s like you were a fly on the wall when I tried my jeans on this morning! Love it!

  2. Classic! Great idea and rendering!

  3. artseafartsea Says:

    You’ve still got it no matter which pencil you use. Love her.

  4. I guess carrots can be pretty fattening!

  5. Haha – this is GREAT!

  6. Love it. Great expression on your bunny! I sketched in my book today but I’m heading to go get my stylus from my other bag in a minute. I miss the airbrush tool. I’ll work on today’s post on my ipad.

  7. kevinparks Says:

    great idea -and I learned the hard way that you never answer that question before seriously thinking about the consequences. 🙂

    -and don’t get too cozy with your wacom, cuz after the zombie apocalypse all we’ll have is pencils. -just sayin’

  8. Your tail looks perfect in those jeans….. right answer? I think so!
    Love it Sketchie!

  9. ha-ha! my granddaughter had a pair of pants that said (on the back) does this diaper make my butt look big?

  10. I’m going to try a few digital sketches. I love the ease of grabbing a pencil wherever I am, however, I love the convenience and cleanliness of digital. I love the expression on the bunny 😀

  11. sageandgracedesigns Says:

    Linda, these are so great! I love how you can get so much emotion in a sketch! This one really made me laugh!

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