SkADaMo Day 14

November 14, 2012


… and he sticks the landing!

Another PiBoIdMo brainstorm.

Please stop by and check out the links of my fellow SkADaMoers when you get a chance!

14 Responses to “SkADaMo Day 14”

  1. kevinparks Says:

    Great sketch, great sense of motion -kept me on the hedge of my seat (ouch, i think i hurt myself with that last pun)

  2. Vicki Says:

    O! M! G!
    C! U! T! E!

  3. Oh, Linda – I looooove this! You could do a series – a book ….Gymnasts of the Animal Kingdom – you can have Kevin Parks title it – I can see hippos, ostriches, giraffes all in various stages of athleticism.

  4. Lisa.Thompson Says:

    I am so loving your sketches this month Linda- such fun ideas!!

  5. Best SkADaMo yet Linda!

  6. Miss Magoo Says:

    Absolutely adorable 🙂

  7. manthestorm3 Says:

    Wow, I really enjoyed that, thanks

    jason from

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