SkADaMo Day 18

November 18, 2012


So I missed another day. It happens. Still alive and kicking though! Going strong with PiBoIdMo as well!

Check out my fellow SkaDaMoer’s links at the bottom of this post, right here.

7 Responses to “SkADaMo Day 18”

  1. I have enjoyed following your SkADaMo posts, Linda! Your illustrations are wonderful and you have a great sense of humor! What medium do you usually use? Are these ink and pastel, originally, or are you drawing them digitally?

    • sketched out Says:

      Thanks so much, Kim! What I had been doing is scanned in pencil, then coloring with Photoshop brushes, but lately I’ve been practicing my sketches with digital pencil. It’s been fun and such a time saver!

  2. Kevin Parks Says:

    the brother is just talkin’ turkey

  3. This is great, LInda! You’ve got it all going for you! I’m really impressed with your digital pencil work. It looks so natural. I haven’t mastered that at all. Kudos!

  4. Esp. like the lacey accents around turkey’s neck and pantaloons!

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