SkADaMo Day 30 – Last Day!!

November 30, 2012

last day pencil

Wooooo hoooo! We did it, y’all!

Wouldn’t you know, my last sketch would be the most rushed. I’m out the door right now. But I wanted to thank each and every person who stopped by to root me on this month! You just can’t know how much that helped me. I feel like I’ve gotten my mojo back!

I also want to thank all the talented, inspiring bunch of sketchers who joined me in SkADaMo! This year was much enriched by everyone’s participation and cheerleading for each other! You all rock!

So, of course, since I’m a glutton for punishment, I think I’ll do HoHoDooDa again this year. I hope my partners in crime join me again, if they can, they are busy talented ladies! Of course, anyone who feels the spirit move them can join as well.

Have a happy, happy holiday season everyone!


14 Responses to “SkADaMo Day 30 – Last Day!!”

  1. This is great Linda! Kind of sums up the month ๐Ÿ™‚ Love all of your Illustrations, they are so fun & full of life! Last month was so much fun, do you mind if we join you again for December? Please keep us posted is you create a badge.

  2. LINDA! LINDA! LINDA! Thank you so much for bringing us together for this challenge. 29 days (missed #1!) and filled to the brim with joy! Sketching is the first and last thing I want to do every day. Hope I can manage to keep the momentum going! Hail Linda! I’m your new biggest fan!

    • sketched out Says:

      I am YOUR biggest fan! I adored all your sketches and your witty repartee! I’m hoping to keep it up all year round too. Hoping continuing into December with HoHoDooDa helps! Join the fun!

  3. Congrats! I loved your inspiring sketches every day. They helped to keep me going. I was able to make it every day, although some sketches will never get to be seen by anyone but me ๐Ÿ˜‰ I did it though and I am so happy and proud of myself. I will have to look into this HoHoDooDa. No school for Dec so I might have more free time ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks Linda!

  4. I won’t be participating in HoHoDooDa, but I might have to promote it on my blog because I love that 2011 elf so much! Anyway, SkADaMo has been really inspiring for me and it helped me learn about myself. Thanks for inspiring us all. Happy Christmas!

  5. Oh No! I never thought about what I was putting my pencil, eraser and sketch pad through!! You mean they have feelings and come to life when I’m not looking? tee-hee…this is so funny. Linda, thanks for the fun this month and yes I would like to try HoHoDooDaDay too. Just for the inspiration from you and your very talented followers and friends. I posted my final batch of sketches just a few minutes ago. This has been so much delight and motivation. You’ve created a grand sense of community.

  6. sketched out Says:

    Laura, I know! No one thinks about the unsung heroes of sketching, heehee! I sure hope you do join this December! Great having you aboard and thanks so much!

  7. SkADaMo was soo much fun. I did a Daily Doodle for most of June and July but was not posting them all on my blog. I enkoyed seeing what everyone else was creating each day through November and loved seeing all the comments left below my pieces. I will keep sketching but Dec gets waaay too hectic to post everyday. Will post whenenver possible, though. What exactly is HoHoHooDay? : )

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