HoHoDooDa Day 27

December 27, 2012


Back after a bit of a HoHoDooDa hiatus. The doodling juices haven’t quite started flowing again yet, so I thought I’d repost last year’s aftermath sketch. My Christmas stocking had some nibs for my Wacom tablet stylus, so I’m going to have to give ’em a whirl tomorrow with some fresh doodas.

Until then, wishing you a Merry Holitween (that odd little bit of space between the holidays.)


5 Responses to “HoHoDooDa Day 27”

  1. Alexis Says:

    “Holitween” Love it!!! Adorable l’il sketch too. Santa looks well relaxed… and he deserves it!

  2. khwhitaker Says:

    tehehehe, awesome 😀

  3. artseafartsea Says:

    Santa also needs to shed a few pounds!

  4. Love how every HoHoDooDa of yours makes me laugh! BTW, got any suggestions on Wacom tablets and nibs for a never-even-seen-one-in-action beginner?

  5. This Santa has such an adorable face!

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