HoHoDooDa Day 28

December 28, 2012

penguins 450


Let’s see if there are any HoHoDooDa Doodlers still going as we toddle on over here.


4 Responses to “HoHoDooDa Day 28”

  1. Vicki Says:

    Darling critters!

  2. We love your illustrations. That tree is fantastic and the playfullness of the penguins is apparent in the scattered toys and their pure exhaustion. 🙂 You really brought the scene in my mind before they fell asleep alive.

  3. Linda – love all your HHDDDay sketches. Especially this one- it’s how I feel after taking down the tree. (I came down w/flu the day after Christmas. At least it waited til then.) You are such an inspiration. I had so wanted to continue sketching w/you in HHDDDay – but life came along… I’m so glad I got to meet you via 12×12 link. You have been a delightful inspiration. May your new year be blessed with love, joy, laughter and creativity!!! Laura

  4. Hi

    I hope you don’t mind but I nominated you for ‘The One Lovely Blog Award + The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!’ (You can find details in this post if you would like to take part! Fine if you don’t. http://lisajaynemurray.wordpress.com/2013/01/20/what-a-lovely-welcome-back/)

    I aspire to your greatness!


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