SkADaMo 2013

October 28, 2013

SkADaMo 2013 post monkey

So, November is almost here! That means all the cool challenges are fixin’ to start soon. There’s NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) and PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month), of which I am a participant of again this year.)

There are probably a bunch more, but suffice it to say, November is a busy month for some.

For the past two years, I thought, just to heap even more onto my plate, I’d make November a “sketch a day month” or SkADaMo (SkADaMo 2012, SkADaMo 2011) , for myself. Just trying to get back to the early days of my blog when I feverishly posted just about every single day. When my synapses seemed to be firing on all cylinders and ideas where presenting themselves to me faster than I could sketch or write them down.

Sigh. Those were good days.

This exercise may not have gotten me back to that place completely, but it did get the ole synapses firing again. And I figure between attempting a picture book idea a day and a sketch/blog post a day, I’ll at least have a notebook/sketchbook/blog filled with chicken scratches of some sort or another again this year.

Better than blank pages and outdated blog posts, I say.

I even made a badge for myself the past couple of years and one again this year.

I may be the only participant, but by golly I have a badge!

If anyone wants to join in, they are more than welcome to grab this badge, off to the side here and start sketching.



“What are the rules?” You may ask.

1. THERE ARE NO RULES! NO SIGN UP! NO REGISTRATION! NO GIVEAWAYS OR GUEST POSTERS!  No regulations, themes, daily words, Facebook pages or anything else resembling organization. Just lots of sketching, commenting back and forth and hopefully lots of inspiration and craft honing!
SkADaMoers are scoff-laws and Mavricks! (Really, I’m just not that organized.) The only code we live by this month is SKETCH! SKETCH! SKETCH! Sketch everyday from November 1 to November 30,or at least try to.
You may not sketch every single day, but by golly you will have tried and you’ll have more sketches in your sketchbook at the end of November than you might have otherwise.
So, there’s that!

2. If you send me a link to your blog, (or wherever you are posting your SkADaMo sketches) I will keep a running list of all the participants and their links on my blog. This way we can all keep in touch and root each other on. If there are any broken links, bad links, I forgot anyone, misspelled anyone’s name or any other heinous act was performed, please let me know and I’ll do my best to correct it.

3. Smile, this is fun!

Sketch on my fellow SkADaMoers, (should there be any!)



It’s that time of year again!

After the last zombie has shambled off and your post-Halloween sugar level has evened out, what’s next!

Thanksgiving, you ask? Why no, not quite yet, (let’s not get ahead of ourselves.) You see, well before Turkey Day hits it’ll be time for “Picture Book Idea Month” or PiBoIdMo, starting November 1 until the 30th, hosted by Tara Lazar over at “Writing for Kids (While Raising Them).”

The plan is to come up with an idea for a picture book every day of the month of November. It can be a fully fleshed out plot, a snippet of a concept, maybe it’s simply a title. As long as it’s an idea. Along the way there will be daily inspirational posts from industry folk over at WFKWRT and a whole community of participants on the Facebook discussion group, rooting each other on.

In a perfect world all participants will have 30 picture book ideas at the end of 30 days. But you might simply get to 20 or maybe only 15. But you’ll have 15 more ideas than you might have had otherwise, right?

30 ideas! How fantastic would that be? What you do with them afterwards is up to you, but what a great springboard of creativity! Why should the NaMoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) peeps have all the fun, right?

Anywho, I’m giving it a whirl for the third year in a row and I’m pumped!  Wish me luck and maybe I’ll see some of you out there in PiBoIdMo-land!

If y’all would like to know more about PiBoIdMO come by here and check it out.

P.S. The adorable, official PiBoIdMo art was created by the talented Joyce Wan.


October 15, 2013


So, you know, I love bunnies (and who doesn’t,) and zombies are the coolest. So, why not a zombie bunny? Well, took a peek on the Googles for zombie bunny and guess what? It’s a thing!

It’s a big fat thing! 

Who knew? Not me. I should have.

Anywho, undaunted I proceeded to add my zombunnie to the mix.

IF: Underwater

October 7, 2013


“We’ll eat like kings tonight, Blotch!” Orville shouted excitedly to his trusty pooch.


Illustration Friday theme this week is “underwater,” and although this may not be the most original solution for the prompt, I just had to get this image out of my system.