SkADaMo 2013 Day 17

November 19, 2013


Chortle Minster

Tonight seems like a good time to take a wee break from puns and idioms and of course the next best thing to do, in my opinion, is draw a monster.

Well, more of a minster really.

Gary here is quite diminutive and could easily fit into the palm of your hand. That is if you could possibly hold Gary in your hand for more than a second or two. You see, the ticklers on his tiny head and tail can render a potential captor ridiculously helpless with laughter.

Much chortling then ensues.

If you insist on being tickled you might want to toddle on over here and check out my fellow SkADaMoers!


21 Responses to “SkADaMo 2013 Day 17”

  1. writersideup Says:

    this is one of the cutest creatures I’ve ever seen! The pom-pom thingies remind me of Dr. Seuss 😀

  2. Vicki Says:

    I love Gary the Minster!

  3. He may need a few monster behavior classes.

  4. Oh, he’s cuuuuute! One of my faves so far.

  5. Most adorable drawing of a monster I’ve ever seen!!! LOVE your description. 😊

  6. alex Says:

    He’s so, so cute and adorable! LInda, you’re the best!

  7. artseafartsea Says:

    This guy is so cute, I think you need to do a series on him!

  8. spurkalurk Says:

    Really cute. At first I thought he was wearing winter hats on all of his spines, which was great–but ticklers are even greater.

  9. June Says:

    This is the best kind of monster… but one that tickles might drive me crazy! Can’t help but want to try holding the little chap though as he is sooooo cute.

  10. Fenne Says:

    I love this one! Makes me happy and smile (just what I need today)

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