So Long 2013. We hardly gnu ye!

December 31, 2013

happy gnu year 2014 450

This here fella is a redraw from a couple of years ago… or a re-gnu-ed drawing, if you will. He seemed eager to return and join in the last party of 2013. So I threw him a bone.

Along with 2013 ending, so too concludes HoHoDooDa 2013! A hearty thanks to all of you talented participants for the camaraderie, encouragement and fantastic art you have put forth this December. It’s not easy to commit to a sketch a day at any time of the year, but around the holidays… hoooooo boy! What an inspiration!

A big thanks also to everyone who followed along and cheered us on. You can’t know how helpful and incredibly uplifting that is!

All y’all really made this holiday season heartwarmingly special! May 2014 bring each and every one of you all the love, health, prosperity and creative inspiration there is to be brought!

Happy Happy Happy New (and Gnu) Year to everyone!!!

P.S. Why not take one more peek at all the cool HoHoDooDaers right here before dipping into the cheese ball and pouring that celebratory glass of bubbly!

8 Responses to “So Long 2013. We hardly gnu ye!”

  1. Leah Danczyk Says:

    Thank you so much for creating HoHoDooDa! It was a blast to do, and I enjoyed seeing all of your sketches (your holiday puns were awesome!)

  2. Vicki Says:

    OK, that Gnu is hilarious! I’m LOLing.
    Happiest New Year to ye!

  3. thefolia Says:

    This reminds me of a couple of William Steig’s books–my son adored them! Your Gnu looks happy. Happy Nesting.

  4. Alexis Says:

    I love the incorporation of your (now infamous in your ‘hood I’m sure) pots & pans. Adorbs!

  5. Cecilia Says:

    thanks again for all the fun of holiday sketching. The Gnu is gorgeous :). Happy, inspirational, fabulous New Year.

  6. Kim Says:

    Happy New Year Linda!!! Looks like you’ve been up to some great stuff (and some great sketching too 😉 look forward to seeing what you come up with in 2014 xx

  7. Treeeeeezha Says:

    I Gnu you would bring him back….adorable=0)

  8. Andre T Says:

    hahaha, nice sketched. 😀

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